Season 14 of ‘Blue Bloods’ Will Not Air on CBS in September 2023


Blue Bloods has been given the go-ahead. CBS has renewed the police drama for a second season, although the ongoing writers and actors strike has produced some scheduling issues. The show will be unable to make its customary fall premiere date because there will be no one to write or perform in it.

Essentially, Blue Bloods will not return to the network in September 2023. In actuality, the show has been postponed until 2024 so that the people who work on it have enough time to gather tales and filming locations. When the show will return in 2024 is a another story.

When will Blue Bloods return?

If Blue Bloods were to return in January, for example, production would have to begin immediately. This assumes the network receives enough episodes to fill half of a season. However, if the strikes continue into September and October, a January return date will be unrealistic.

Instead, the show will be delayed until May, which means there will only be time in the network’s schedule to screen 6-8 episodes. Essentially, one-third of a normal season. It’s awful, but given what the writers and actors are fighting for, it’s unavoidable. On the plus side, everyone involved with the show wants to keep it running as long as possible. In a recent interview with Looper, actor Len Cariou expressed his desire for Blue Bloods to reach twenty seasons.


“We’ve all said, ‘Hey, we want to do 20,’ and that’s even from Tom’s mouth,” Cariou remarked. “We met with New York’s new mayor, Eric Adams, who told us, ‘Keep it up, guys.'” ‘Keep going.’ We’ve poured a lot of money into New York City over the last 12 years, and the mayor says, ‘Keep it going,’ because it’s good for business.”

Fans may have to wait, but at least we know it’s for a good cause, and that the individuals in charge of making the program wonderful have plans to keep giving us episodes for as long as we want to watch.

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