Season 14 of Blue Bloods: What Are The Possibilities That It Will Be The Final Season..?


Are the Reagans’ final goodbyes getting closer? Here’s what we’ve learned so far regarding Blue Bloods’ possible future.

There are few fan-favorite police procedural dramas available for viewers to enjoy in recent years, but there is one exception that has its own fandom that the show has successfully garnered over the years. Can you figure it out?

That’s right, it’s the Blue Bloods!

The show has been hugely successful since its start in 2010, which is a long period, but it still manages to gain incredible reaction throughout the world, making it a unique addition to the CBS catalog that everyone can enjoy on a Friday night.

With so many seasons now completed, die-hard Blue Bloods fans who have put their time in streaming the show are now wondering if the saga of Blue Bloods is coming to an end. Especially because many programs usually expire before they reach the 10-season threshold!

As it is preferable not to extend the story if it does not have much promise or something fresh to offer the viewers. But this police procedural soap passed that point years ago, making one question if the finale may come sooner than expected.

If you’re wondering the same thing, you’ve come to the correct place to find out! In this post, we’ll look at some of these elements to see if Blue Bloods will return for another season. Continue reading to learn more about the future of this cherished show.


Season 14: Is this the final season of Blue Bloods?

Although CBS has not yet issued a formal comment regarding the show’s renewal or cancellation, there are a lot of factors that may influence their decision for future seasons. Before making such an important decision, various factors must be considered, such as audience ratings, production costs, and cast availability.

Blue Bloods, as previously reported by Deadline, was noticeably absent from the network’s list of drama series renewals for the 14th season. It was ultimately picked up following heated negotiations, with CBS requesting major budget cuts, including 25% for actors and other above-the-line workers.

If this is the situation behind the scenes, we regret to inform readers that there is a slim probability that the upcoming season will be the final one. These conversations suggest that the network may be analyzing elements in the future that may ultimately determine the destiny of the show.

On the plus side, if the show maintains its place as the night’s most-watched primetime program – a position it has maintained since its debut in 2010 – and is the No. 3 broadcast drama with 9.54 million people. The network may then reconsider reversing its course and renewing this cherished property for many more years to come.

Until then, fans can only hope that the upcoming season’s twists and turns live up to the hype and create the hype surrounding these characters even more than before! As Amy Reisenbach, President of CBS Entertainment, stated:

“Blue Bloods has dominated Friday nights since its premiere and has remained an important anchor for CBS’ winning lineup,” Amy Reisenbach, President of CBS Entertainment, stated. “Led by Tom Selleck and an incredible cast and creative team, viewers continue to love the Reagans, their law enforcement family, and the series’ dramatic storytelling.” We can’t wait to take up a seat at the Reagan dinner table for another terrific season.”

Meanwhile, the show’s Twitter handle announced the revival of the show, citing, “The Reagan family traditions continue!” Season 14 of #BlueBloods has been renewed – we’ll save you a seat at the table.”

What can we expect from Season 14 of Blue Bloods?

The specific launch date has yet to be announced, however the release window for Blue Bloods Season 14 has been scheduled for the 2023-24 broadcast season as of this writing. The season is expected to begin in the fall of 2023, with October being the optimal release window, and will air every Friday at 10/9c. Only if the production begins this summer and there are no further delays due by the ongoing writer’s strike, which has already halted many productions.

Blue Bloods is a drama about a multigenerational family of cops that work for New York City police. Despite the fact that it is far too early to forecast future storylines, the 14th season plot will carry up from the conclusion, “Forgive Us Our Trespasses,” which saw Danny and Baez work up with Danny’s old partner to identify a copycat murderer who was imitating a criminal’s crimes from a previous case. Frank and Mayor Chase disagree on how to effectively deal with the city’s growing homeless population.

The following cast members are anticipated to return: Donnie Wahlberg as Detective 1st Grade, Tom Selleck as New York City Police Commissioner Francis “Frank” Reagan Will Estes as Sergeant Jamison “Jamie” Reagan, Len Cariou as former NYPD Commissioner Henry Reagan, Marisa Ramirez as Detective 1st Grade Maria Baez, and Vanessa Ray as Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko-Reagan star as Daniel “Danny” Reagan, Bridget Moynahan as DDA Erin Reagan, and Vanessa Ray as Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko-Reagan. Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess created the drama, which is produced by a team led by showrunner Kevin Wade.

The next season is expected to contain 22 episodes with a runtime of 42 to 44 minutes, airing on a weekly basis. It is intended to keep the same count to keep the plot flowing, but it is subject to change if the strike is not resolved quickly. However, we’d like to point readers that the titles and summary have yet to be announced. To avoid any early leaks concerning the individual plotlines and character arcs, these facts will be provided as the release date approaches.

While you wait for additional information about Blue Bloods Season 14, you may watch all of the previous seasons on CBS’s official website, as well as other streaming sites including FuboTV, Paramount Plus, and Hulu Plus, depending on the viewer’s subscription plan preferences. You can also rent or buy the series via iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu. Depending on the viewer’s location, the series is also available for free on Pluto.

Catch up on prior seasons and tell us what you think about Blue Bloods being renewed for Season 14 in the comments.

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