Sean Murray Reveals Why He Actually Left NCIS


Sean Murray, who has played Agent Timothy McGee since 2003, suggests an alternative path once NCIS ends its successful run.

In a recent interview, Sean Murray, renowned for his role as Agent Timothy McGee on the long-running CBS show NCIS, discussed his anticipation for a future beyond the cr1me drama.

Having portrayed the same character for two decades, Murray expressed his desire to explore new projects and take on diverse roles once the show eventually concludes.

Despite the series’ recent renewal for a 21st season, Murray is already thinking about what comes next. The 45-year-old actor expressed his desire for a future project that is radically different from the familiar backdrop of NCIS, indicating his yearning for new challenges and character dynamics.

While assuring fans that everything is currently going well on the show and that he couldn’t be happier, Murray acknowledged the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry.

He emphasized the need to stay grounded, acknowledging that unforeseen circumstances could alter one’s professional trajectory abruptly.

NCIS, which started in 2003, is still a television behemoth, having recently celebrated its 450th episode. Murray and his co-stars continue to provide compelling performances, and the program shows no signs of slowing down.

Reflecting on his journey, Murray highlighted the evolution of his character, Timothy McGee, who was initially intended for just one episode.

Over the years, Murray’s portrayal has made him an integral part of the NCIS ensemble, becoming a seasoned member of the squad with an in-depth understanding of its secrets.


Murray attributed the show’s long-running popularity to the cast’s camaraderie, particularly the warm welcome given to newcomers. According to him, the cheerful and joyful atmosphere on set is critical in developing excellent chemistry among the cast members.

Murray also took the opportunity to praise his current co-stars, including Gary Cole, whom he holds in high regard, and Wilmer Valderrama, whom he considers family after seven years of working together. He commended Katrina Law’s talent, expressing admiration for her contribution to the series.

As NCIS continues to engage audiences, Murray’s positive feelings about the current cast provide a hopeful outlook for the show’s future.

With the latest extension for a 21st season and promises to hit the astounding milestone of 500 episodes, NCIS appears to be cementing its position in television history. As fans eagerly await the release of new stories, Agent McGee’s legacy and the NCIS team remain as strong as ever.

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