Scott Bakula is 68 – He Lives Close to Nature with Wife of 13 Years & They recently Welcomed Their First Grandkid

Renowned actor Scott Bakula, best known for his portrayal as Dr. Sam Beckett in the legendary television series “Quantum Leap,” has transitioned from the hectic world of show business to a peaceful life close to nature. Bakula, 68, lives contentedly with his wife of 13 years, Chelsea Field, and recently celebrated the birth of their first grandson.

Despite his fame, Bakula prioritizes family time, even negotiating strict work hours into his contracts. His portrayal of Dr. Beckett alongside Dean Stockwell captivated audiences with its blend of emotional depth and humor during the show’s run from 1988 to 1993.

Bakula’s abilities have shone brilliantly throughout his career, from Broadway to Hollywood, earning him a Golden Globe and other nominations. His net worth, estimated at more than $10 million, reflects his success in both television and movies.

Beyond “Quantum Leap,” Bakula’s tenure as Special Agent Dwayne King Pride in “NCIS New Orleans” further solidified his place in the hearts of fans. Despite the show’s recent conclusion after seven seasons, Bakula remains grateful for the connections forged with viewers.

While Bakula has had a tremendous career in television and cinema, his main delight is impacting people’s lives via storytelling. Bakula hopes to strengthen his bond with fans and continue to share stories that resonate with viewers around the world as he embarks on new experiences after “NCIS New Orleans.”

Scott Bakula and His Wife of 13 Years

Scott Bakula, known for his role on “NCIS: New Orleans,” found lasting love with fellow actress Chelsea Field. They tied the knot in 2009 after 15 years of dating, with Bakula attributing their success to their commitment to each other. Despite the challenges of working together, they thrive on set and cherish quiet moments at home, surrounded by nature. Field recently shared a glimpse of their serene life with a stunning flower archway framing their forested abode.

Scott Bakula’s Life as a Father and Grandfather

Scott Bakula, recognized for his memorable roles on television, prioritizes family over everything else. Balancing a successful business with parenting, he made time for his loved ones, even negotiating contract conditions that prioritized family dinners and coaching his children’s sports teams. His first marriage produced two daughters, Chelsy and Cody, who have generally remained out of the spotlight. In 1999, he rediscovered love with his wife, Field, with whom he had two additional children, Will and Owen. Scott and Field are now enjoying the joys of grandparenthood, praising their gorgeous grandchild and cherishing family time.

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