‘Save Blue Bloods’ Movement Goes Viral Post-Cancellation; Donnie Wahlberg Loves Them

Devastated by the show’s cancellation after Season 14, ‘Blue Bloods’ fans launch a viral campaign to keep their favorite series alive. Led by @SaveBlueBloods on social media, the movement gains momentum with a petition amassing over 13,000 signatures.

Donnie Wahlberg joins the chorus of support, citing the show’s continued popularity. With ‘Blue Bloods’ trending, it’s evident that the battle for its future is far from finished!

Blue Bloods Cast Have Been Passionate in Keeping The Show Going.

“Blue Bloods” stars Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck are fueling fans’ hopes for the show’s future. Wahlberg, known for his enthusiastic support, teases possible continuations and shares insights into the tight-knit cast’s camaraderie, especially with his on-screen father, Selleck. His heartwarming Instagram posts showcase the behind-the-scenes chemistry, rallying fans to support the series. With their unwavering dedication, both stars and fans are united in their quest to keep “Blue Bloods” alive beyond its speculated Season 14 finale.

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  1. I love Blue Bloods!!! My husband and I look forward to watching it on Fridays. Why change something that isn’t broken? Leave this show on Please for all who love it and enjoy it. It is a GREAT family show and there isn’t many shows like this still on. Prayers for this show.!!! CBS don’t disappoint all the people who are begging you to keep this show on. When the actors are begging also, that tells us alot. I love Tom Selleck and all the main actors on this show.

  2. I’ve been saying it and I’ll keep saying it !!!!! BLUE BLOODS IS THE BEST SHOW ON TV !!!!! KEEP BLUE BLOODS ON THE AIR !!!!! RETHINK IT CBS !!!!!!!

  3. It’s a Great Show with Many More Stories to be told ….Plus the Family is still growing and needs their stories told
    only change move it to 9:00 o’clock time slot …..makes me feel like home Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

  4. How could you possibly cancel one of the best shows on your network? Blue Bloods is a wonderful show, suitable for everyone. It depicts A family life, good values and the ups and downs we all go through. Furthermore, everyone seems to want it to be returning. PLEASE do not cancel this very popular show. That just wouldn’t be a smart move.

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