Actress Pauley Perrette Shares an LL Cool J Complaint From Her Time on NCIS LA: ‘A Lot of Work’

Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette, beloved for her role as Abby Sciuto, has shared a unique challenge she faced during her 15-season tenure on the CBS drama: memorizing the lengthy and detailed scripts. This challenge is something she found she had in common with LL Cool J, star of NCIS Los Angeles, who also struggled with the demanding nature of the franchise’s scripts.

Perrette spoke about her transition from her long-term employment on the podcast Kirsten’s Agenda with Kirsten Vangsness in October 2020. “I had completely retired…” “I’d been doing the same job for 15 years, 16 seasons, starting with JAG as Abby,” she explained. She added that even during breaks, it was difficult to separate from the role.

Perrette revealed that her intense work on NCIS impacted her love for reading. “When LL Cool J first started on NCIS LA, he was used to a completely different schedule. I remember being in his trailer and he said, ‘I’m having a lot of trouble reading books now like usual.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, our brains are getting trained to memorize everything.'”

Both performers found it difficult to enjoy literature because of their brain adaptations. “I had to work my way back into that [enjoying reading] since leaving NCIS,” Perrette said.

While Perrette has retired from acting, LL Cool J continues to thrive on NCIS LA, now in its 14th season, alongside Chris O’Donnell, Eric Christian Olsen, and Kensi Blye. The series remains a fan favorite and is gearing up for a historic crossover event in January with NCIS and NCIS Hawaii.

Perrette’s insight into the demands of a long-running TV role and its impact on personal hobbies adds depth to fans’ understanding of the actors’ experiences behind the scenes.

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