Patrick Swayze Was in Tears Over His Jennifer Grey Apology

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey are best remembered for their iconic roles in 1987’s “Dirty Dancing,” but their on-screen chemistry was hard-won. Their relationship was marked by tension, stemming from their time together on the 1984 film “Red Dawn.”

During the filming of “Red Dawn,” the group went through a tough boot camp in which Swayze, taking his role as leader seriously, frequently played pranks, one of which targeted Jennifer Grey. This resulted in a tense relationship, which continued over into their next assignment.

When “Dirty Dancing” came around, Grey was initially hesitant to work with Swayze again and doubted her dancing abilities. However, a pivotal moment during the audition changed everything. Swayze, recognizing Grey’s unease, apologized tearfully for his past behavior. This heartfelt apology moved Grey, allowing her to relax and perform the film’s iconic lift during the screen test, leading her to accept the role.

Despite this breakthrough, emotions remained high on the set of “Dirty Dancing.” Swayze’s irritation with Grey’s lack of dance experience created tension, but the director was able to harness their dynamic, resulting in remarkable on-screen chemistry. The film was a huge hit, but Swayze and Grey never collaborated again.

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