NCIS star Inadvertently Reveals the Show’s Future – Will it Return for Season 21..?

NCIS fans have been waiting to find out if the hugely popular long-running show will return for season 21, especially since it was recently announced that NCIS: LA would be ending. However, one of the show’s stars, Brian Dietzen, appears to have hinted at season 21 – and it’s good news!

In an interview with the Looper, the actor and screenwriter discussed the possibility of writing another episode, explaining: “However, it will not be for this season. I’ve been talking with our showrunner, Steve [Binder], about what we’re going to do next year. That’s currently in the works, but nothing is set to happen this season.”

Fans were ecstatic at the prospect of the show returning, with one tweeting: “If the cast already knows, I’m curious when the official announcement will be made. Hopefully we’ll hear about that soon,” while another replied: “Last year it was near April, so I wasn’t expecting anything before then. But I despise waiting.”

A third person mentioned: “Yeah, I assumed it would be then. I despise waiting as well. Don’t television networks, such as CBS, usually wait until the majority of the episodes in their current season have aired before assessing the ratings response?”

Do you believe Season 21 will take place?

Meanwhile, NCIS: Los Angeles has been canceled after 14 seasons, according to Deadline. “A cancellation of a long-running drama with big-name leads filming in L.A. should not come as a surprise given the big price tag involved, especially at a time when networks across the board are looking to cut their spending,” the publication says.

While CBS has not revealed a specific reason for the cancellation, the franchise is still extremely busy with the original show as well as NCIS: Hawai’i.

NCIS: Los Angeles has been canceled after 14 seasons.

“From Day 1, the cast, producers, and crew were amazing Network/Studios partners, and their teamwork, talent, and spirit vividly came through on the screen,” said Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment.

“We are so grateful for the collaboration and extraordinary run of these treasured members of our CBS family,” she continued, “and plan to give them the big sendoff they and their fans deserve.”

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