NCIS Special in The Making..? – These 2 Veterans Could Return Together


A potential NCIS special might see the return of fan favorites Mark Harmon as “Gibbs” and Michael Weatherly as “Tony.”

Recent hints on Twitter from Weatherly suggest a reunion, sparking excitement among fans. Weatherly’s nostalgic posts about his time on the show fuel speculation about their comeback.

NCIS Comeback..? Michael Weatherly Confused With Twitter Posts

There is growing speculation that Michael Weatherly’s character, Tony DiNozzo, may return to NCIS. Despite his obligations to “Bull,” Weatherly’s cryptic tweets hint at his involvement in the series.

If DiNozzo returns, it’s likely that Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, will make a cameo.

Recent seasons have seen unexpected events like as Ziva’s return and cast departures, showing a similar attitude to prospective comebacks.

Fans may see a reunion between DiNozzo, Gibbs, and Ziva, with a narrative likely centered on a threat to one of their loved ones or an attack on Gibbs. Only time will tell if these speculations come true.

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