NCIS Special in The Making..? – These 2 Veterans Could Return Together

NCIS fans had to cope with many exits, but soon two veterans could come back together. Some of an actor’s Twitter posts definitely speak for themselves.

At NCIS, things have been crazy over the last few months. While some new characters were added, the fans had to say goodbye to series favorites like Mark Harmon (70) as “Gibbs”. However, there could soon be a return of two popular characters. Maybe Mark Harmon alias “Gibbs” and Michael Weatherly (53) alias “Tony” will be in front of the camera again. There’s a lot of evidence for that.

If you look at Michael Weatherly’s last Twitter activity, you might think the actor never left NCIS. He happily posts tweet after tweet about the series. His followers were able to watch Throwbacks on his time as “Tony”, including a video in which Weatherly cross-examined a Christmas tree with an NCIS cap.

NCIS comeback? Michael Weatherly confused with Twitter posts

Although NCIS star Michael Weatherly is busy with his series “Bull”, his ominous Twitter messages are quite clear signs that he is again dealing with the series in some form. So it is quite likely that “DiNozzo”, just like Ziva, will return to the series for one or more episodes.

And since Tony has established a connection with “Gibbs”, it would be logical if the former team leader also appears in this plot. After all, it has already been confirmed that Mark Harmon can return for guest appearances, which of course would be a great surprise for the fans. However, they should not hope for an announcement of such a special.

Finally, in the last seasons, Zivas’ comeback and the exits of Emily Wickersham (37) and Mark Harmon took place without any advance information. This is probably how the studio will handle the comeback of the characters. Will Ziva, played by Coté de Pablo (42), make another comeback on this occasion?

It is quite possible that the trio will meet again for a case at NCIS. However, only if it is actually about the life of one of her loved ones. For example, an att4ck on Gibbs or his disappearance could start the plot.

Another danger for Ziva and her family as a trigger would be conceivable. Whether the reunion of Gibbs and Tony “DiNozzo” at NCIS will actually take place will become clear in the coming months.

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