NCIS Season 22: Fans Predict Jimmy Will Find ‘Someone Else,’ Ending Romance with Jessica

NCIS fans are speculating that Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) might find a new love interest in the upcoming season 22, potentially signaling the end of his relationship with Jessica Knight (Katrina Law).

Jessica was offered a promotion as the new REACT chief training officer at Camp Pendleton, which required her to relocate, in the season 21 cliffhanger. With their relationship already in fragile shape, the long-distance factor could be the final nail in the coffin.

A fan theory on Reddit suggests that Jimmy might start dating someone else at the office while Jessica is away. The theory predicts that Jessica could return for a case only to find Jimmy has moved on, causing her distress but ultimately acceptance.

This speculation has created a controversy among fans. One Reddit member disagreed, claiming that Jessica’s leaving is only a plot twist and that she will not go permanently. They believe that other characters, such as Nick, would remind her of her commitment to the team and her duty as Victoria’s stepmother.

Season 22 of NCIS is set to premiere in September, following its renewal in April. Unlike the shortened 10-episode season 21, season 22 is expected to have around 24 episodes, marking a return to its usual length. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how the storylines unfold, especially the future of Jimmy and Jessica’s relationship.

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