NCIS Season 21: Is Sean Murray Leaving the Show..?

Sean Murray is leaving NCIS. According to rumors, this NCIS actor wants to work on a completely different project in the future, which raises the question of whether Sean Murray is leaving the show; find out here.

Sean Murray, star of NCIS, recently discussed his plans for his career after the long-running show.

Despite the show’s continued success and renewal for a 21st season, Murray expressed a desire to work on something “very different” in the future.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 45-year-old actor discussed potential new roles.

He stressed that, while he didn’t want to jinx anything, he was aware of the industry’s uncertainty and the possibility of having to look for work once NCIS concluded.

He did, however, express satisfaction with his current position on the show and his focus on the present.

The interview took place as NCIS celebrated its 450th episode, which marked a significant milestone for the show.

Murray has been a part of NCIS since its first season in 2003, when he appeared in only one episode.

He shared his joy on Instagram, posting a photo with co-star Wilmer Valderrama and inviting fans to join in the celebration.

Fans congratulated Murray on his achievement and expressed their support for his character.


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  1. I love the character you play on NCIS. Hope you stay as long as NCIS does! But if you do leave I will follow you! You are a great actor.e

  2. Please don’t leave you are the main character.. You and Gibbs are the show. I’m still happy to watch the old series rather than the new because it’s just not the same. We’ve watched you grow from a ‘probie’ into a stronger character. Please don’t leave..

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