Fans Reveals Why They Wants Mark Harmon to Return to NCIS

Fans of the long-running CBS drama NCIS were upset when Mark Harmon quit his legendary role as agent Leroy Gibbs following the show’s 19th season. However, faithful followers remain hopeful that Harmon will return, particularly for the season 20 finale.

Speculation about Harmon’s comeback gained momentum after co-star Rocky Carroll hinted at the potential reunion in a recent interview with TV Insider. Carroll emphasized Gibbs’ significance as the moral compass of the show, leaving fans eager for his return.

Despite Harmon’s retirement from the main cast, his involvement with NCIS remains substantial, as he is still listed as an executive producer. This leaves the door wide open for Harmon to return whenever he feels inclined.

Harmon’s decision to leave NCIS stemmed from a desire to explore fresh challenges after 18 seasons as Gibbs. However, he hasn’t ruled out guest appearances in the future, keeping hope alive for fans longing to see their beloved character back on screen.

While Harmon’s return has not been confirmed, as fans eagerly await developments, Leroy Gibbs’ legacy continues to resonate, giving the NCIS community optimism for what lies ahead.

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  1. I think Gibbs must return once more time just to close his caracter. We miss him but if he thinks that is time to retire is for something. After 18 seasons I guess he must see for him and what he really wants to do with his life.

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