NCIS season 18 spoilers: Torres star teases Bishop romance ‘Doing something different’

NCIS fans are still holding out hope for romance between Agents Bishop and Torres, and a clue from series star Wilmer Valderrama has given a taste of what’s to come in season 18.

The highly anticipated 18th season of NCIS has been a long time coming after production was shut down following the outbreak of coronavirus. Now, with the CBS show’s new premiere just around the corner, Nick Torres star Wilmer Valderrama has touched on the undeniable sparks flying between his character and Eleanor Bishop. 

Production on the upcoming season of NCIS has finally got off the ground after extensive coronavirus delays. 

After the show’s impromptu season finale back in April, viewers are keen to discover what lies ahead for Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon), the newly returned Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) and the rest of the team. 

When the series last left off, the squad investigated Joe Smith (Christopher Lloyd), a veteran claiming to be a survivor of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. 

Some episodes before, NCIS hit long-suffering fans with another round of relationship teasing as Jack Sloane (Maria Bello) discovered she had a secret admirer on Valentine’s Day.

Plus, with Special Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) just out of the hospital, many viewers were convinced this would be the year he finally asked out fellow agent Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Bishop (Emily Wickersham). 

As two of the newest recruits, it didn’t take long for viewers to notice the pair’s undeniable chemistry working in the field.

Moreover, in episode 16, fans were given a snapshot of their potential life as a couple in a rather out-of-place flashback sequence. 

In ‘Ephemera’, Nick and Torres stepped into different roles to act out a scene in the 70s to further their investigation of a Navy officer’s suicide.

While this moment took some fans off guard, it also gave a clear picture of the show’s eventual endgame for the flirty pair. 

Ahead of the new premiere on November 17, Wilmer Valderrama acted coy when TV Insider asked him about Torres and Bishop’s status at the start of the next season. 

Firstly, the star responded: “It’s interesting because there’s so many things season 18 has to talk about, a lot to reflect in this moment.

“Our national community has been fighting for justice and things that really are important.”

The franchise has already confirmed certain episodes in upcoming seasons will reflect on the coronavirus pandemic, revealing the real life event has also impacted the world of NCIS. 

Additionally, the series and its spin-offs have received calls to adapt its representation of US law enforcement in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests this year. 

Wilmer Valderrama’s initial comments may indicate the show’s infamously cagey relationship drama could take a backseat to a more politically charged season this year. 

However, the star assured fans season 18, currently in production and writing stages, will still make time for fans’ favourite loved up agents.

He went on: “The exploration of relationships within the characters and all that stuff, it’s something that’s always a mystery.

“I certainly don’t think that we will do something the show has seen before, and we’re definitely trying to work on doing something different.”

Valderrama also revealed this season of NCIS will finally expose some of the mysteries of Nick Torres’ past, which still haven’t surfaced since his introduction in 2016.

Could Torres finally confess the details of his troubled history during an intimate moment with his trusted colleague?

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