‘NCIS’ season 18 spoilers: Gibbs and Fornell will return while Ziva and Tony reunites

The most-watched US TV show NCIS is confirmed to return for season 18. More spoilers revealed alongside the series’ renewal.

NCIS is currently one of the most prominent running television dramatizations. For solid 17 years, NCIS has produced 17 distinct seasons with top-notch ratings and millions of viewers.

Critics and fans alike could agree that this addictive investigator show never gets old and will always have everybody snared for an additional. Fortunately, CBS confirmed the return of NCIS for its 18th installment.

NCIS returns for season 18

Flagship series NCIS averaged a staggering 15.33 million viewers per episode. Because of this, the show bagged the title for the most-watched US TV show. With this at hand, the series renewal was already certain even before CBS officially announced it.

The decision to renew the series means fans will eventually witness the series impressive milestone of reaching 400th episode. Since season 17’s production was halted because of the pandemic, it only featured 20 episodes, instead of 24. This would have been the 400th episode of the show.

Gibbs and Fornell to return for the upcoming season

The good news doesn’t stop there either since one of the show’s lead cast Mark Harmon, who plays Gibbs, will return for the upcoming season. Reportedly, Harmon signed a deal with CBS TV Studios around the same time as the renewal was announced. This also indicates that Harmon will retain his spot as executive producer on NCIS spinoff series NCIS: New Orleans.

Commenting on Harmon’s role in the upcoming season, one of the show’s executive producers revealed,

“He’s constantly evolving. I think he’s going to be taking some risks and chances he never would have taken before.”

Fans of the series are also anticipating the return of Tobias Fornell (played by Joe Spano) in season 18. The last time that the character appeared was in the season 16 finale. In this episode, Fornell and Gibbs investigated a drug case that involved his daughter.

There have been reports that Fornell was initially tipped to appear in the final four episodes of season 17. Since the 17th run was cut short, fans will probably witness his comeback in season 18.

Ziva and Tony reunion likely to happen in season 18

Ziva (Cote de Pablo) returned for a dramatic storyline in season 17. Her comeback shocked the other characters especially her former flame Tony since she was presumed to be dead. Fans were hoping that the pair would reunite for the 17th run of the show, but it wrapped up in a different way.

Nevertheless, it appears that there is still hope for Ziva and Tony’s reunion after all as one of the creator has now given a huge hint. Executive producer Frank Cardea revealed,

“It was a great experience, and I think it was a great experience for Cote too. I would love to see that explored more in the future, and find out where she and Tony are. There’s always more story to tell.”

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