NCIS Producers Open to Scott Bakula’s Return as Agent Dwayne Pride

NCIS is about family relationships, whether it’s the team’s camaraderie or the romances that develop among colleagues. Characters from several NCIS spin-offs frequently cross paths, resulting in a tight-knit community.

While some shows have ended, characters such as Sam Hanna have returned, as shown in “NCIS: Hawai’i.” Other recognized figures, like as Dwayne “King” Cassius Pride from “NCIS: New Orleans,” could appear on other shows.

CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach and CBS Studios President David Stapf expressed openness to such crossovers if they serve the story organically. They emphasize the importance of narrative integrity over gimmicks.

Scott Bakula, who portrayed Pride, hasn’t indicated whether he’d be up for a return, but the executives remain receptive to spin-offs featuring other characters. The NCIS universe thrives on its interconnectedness, always welcoming back members of its extended family.

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  1. No way. HAWAII first. I liked that better then any of them. Hanna is terrible he should be gone. Pride not good either.

  2. That “family” interconnectedness is one of the things that I most respect about all of the NCIS Universe shows. I love that the actors & actresses really care about each other and help each other. It’s what I would want from my team and when Gibbs was the leader, he showed his caring all the time to his team members. Whenever any of them was in need, he was there for them. I love that about Gibbs & the show!!!

  3. I’d love to see Agent Pride and the gang of NCIS New Orleans return. It was a unique law enforcement procedural whose host city added cultural beauty and charm to the show. Scott Bakula was terrific as a strong leader, family man and talented musician and entrepreneur. The bar itself was a welcome respite as well. This was a strong addition to the NCIS universe that has been missed and should be revived.

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