NCIS New Orleans: Fans Can’t Get Over the Show’s Cancellation; Here’s What They’ll Miss Most


Losing a favorite show can feel like saying goodbye to a close friend. It can be sad, lonely, and somewhat personal. Unfortunately, show cancellations are not personal. It all comes down to ratings and numbers, and cancellations happen all the time, often unexpectedly.

Fans are never happy when a show is canceled, and “NCIS: New Orleans” fans are no exception.

Fans were devastated when the show announced that it would not return for another season. In fact, some of them are still perplexed as to why the show was canceled. The fans recently shared their thoughts via a Reddit thread.

“I might like it more than the original,” one fan wrote. I’m nearing the end of season four, and I’m just as invested in it as I was during the original’s Tony-Ziva seasons. I love the Pride saga and how similar but also different from Gibbs he is.”

Another fan concurred. They wrote “I liked NCIS NOLA too, and I was sad when it ended.”

“I love both shows and I love Pride,” said one Reddit user, who was more angry than sad about “NCIS: New Orleans” ending. I’m furious that they canceled that show. It was so good.”


Another fan compared the show to the other series in the “NCIS” franchise. They believe that the New Orleans setting is superior to the others.

“Love NOLA!!” they wrote. I don’t get why it gets trashed on so much. I’m currently watching NCIS LA, but I just can’t get into it with the same zeal that I did with NCIS and NOLA.”

What Caused the Cancellation of ‘NCIS: New Orleans’?

Although there have been no official explanations for why “NCIS: New Orleans” will not return, fans have their own theories.

One fan might have an idea why the show was canceled. The fan claimed that a beloved character was “ripped” from the show, and they were furious. Perhaps fans stopped watching the show after that character was k1lled off?


“P.S. one of the beloved characters was RIPPED from the show and I hate them for it,” they wrote.

Another fan stated that one character was the reason they tuned in every week to watch the show.

“I totally agree. “I’ve always loved NCIS, but I just loved the way he treated his agents on Pride,” they wrote. “I mean, I love NCIS LA and the relationship between Sam and Callens, but Pride is still my favorite, and I don’t understand why they’re canceling it ahead of the others.”

We may never be able to fully explain exactly why “NCIS: New Orleans” was canceled. But we can certainly rewatch episodes and appreciate some of our favorite characters.

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