‘NCIS Los Angeles’ star Chris O’Donnell Wishes To Honor Callen’s Quest For The Truth

Chris O’Donnell, star of NCIS: Los Angeles, has spoken out about the popular cr1me drama’s series finale.

O’Donnell, who played Grisha Callen on NCIS: Los Angeles, stated that the character’s quest for “truth” is something he wants to carry with him after the show ends.

“I think that’s something we all want, but people are sometimes afraid of it,” O’Donnell explained.

Other items from the show he brought with him included “my chair, my NCIS bulletproof vest and badge, and the boots I wore every day.” Just something to remember the show by, and possibly a future Halloween costume for one of my sons.”

O’Donnell also assured viewers that Callen’s storyline on the show is completely wrapped up.

“I think [executive producer R.] Scott [Gemmill] and [writer] Frank [Military, as well as the rest of the writers,” he said. “They answered the majority of the questions Callen and the fans had, and as usual, they threw in a few surprises.”

NCIS: LOS ANGELES will conclude with Season 14 according to CBS.

“For 14 seasons, NCIS: LOS ANGELES has been a stalwart of our lineup with characters who were a joy to watch,” CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach said in a statement about the show. “It’s no surprise that this show became a global franchise. The cast, producers, and crew were incredible Network/Studios partners from the start, and their teamwork, talent, and spirit shone through on screen.”

“We are so grateful for the collaboration and remarkable run of these treasured members of our CBS family,” the statement continued, “and plan to give them the big sendoff they and their fans deserve.”

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