NCIS Los Angeles season 14 Sneak Peek Teases A Wedding Disaster for Callen and Anna

Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles could end badly for Callen and his bride-to-be Anna Kolcheck, according to a new sneak peek, as the agent isn’t as prepared for his wedding as he should be.

In the most recent seasons of the hit CBS spin-off, fans have enjoyed watching the unexpected romance blossom between NCIS special agent G Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell) and Anna Kolcheck (Bar Paly). However, even after the unprepared groom gets a talking-to from fellow agent Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) in a new preview of this week’s episode, their special day may not be the fairytale wedding NCIS: Los Angeles fans have been imagining.

In the latest NCIS: LA season 14 episode, Callen admits that he hasn’t been preparing for his wedding to Anna.

This Sunday, the agents will return for the sixth episode of the current season, titled Glory of the Sea.

In this mission, the team will follow some cryptic clues to solve a murd3r and possibly find buried treasure.

However, an insightful conversation with Sam reveals that Callen may be experiencing wedding jitters as the big day approaches.

Callen dismisses his partner’s suggestion to contact his tailor at the start of the new clip.

Callen insists, “I don’t need your guy,” to which Sam responds, “Trust me, you do.”

“I’m not going to stand up there with a depressed groom.”

“Oh, that’s cute,” Callen says in response. “Do you think you’ll be in the wedding party?”

Sam, on the other hand, is clearly not amused by Callen’s antics, as he moves on to the matter at hand.

“I’m not going to play, G,” he warns. “You need to give him some lead time so I can direct him.” “What exactly are you thinking?”

Callen claims he already has plenty of suits ready for the big event, and Sam is clearly surprised that he won’t be getting a new suit tailored for the occasion.

“You’re not kidding.” “How about getting married in the bullpen while you’re at it?” he jokes.

The agents’ finery may have amassed over the years, but their use in high-octane NCIS missions means they’re clearly not appropriate for such a pivotal event.

If Callen hasn’t even considered what he’ll wear, there’s no telling what else could go wrong when he and Anna finally tie the knot.

His relationship with the former Russian spy has already been fraught with difficulties, owing largely to sabotage attempts by her estranged father, Arkady Kolcheck.

Sam is unsure whether his tailor will be willing to make an outfit for Callen because he is used to dealing with a “certain type of clientele.”

When Callen presses further, Sam teases, “The kind that doesn’t walk down the aisle with a suit full of bullet holes.”

Although wedding bells have been heard throughout this season of NCIS: LA, it is still unclear when the ceremony will take place.

If the wedding isn’t until the end of the season, Callen may have plenty of time to prepare, but he’d better start listening to his partner’s advice soon if he wants the day to go smoothly.

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