NCIS LA: Will Marty Deeks leave NCIS? Star addresses character’s future

NCIS LA fans have been worried about Deeks’ future on the show for a while now. But what has the actor said about his character’s plans?

NCIS Los Angeles fans have been concerned about Marty Deeks’ (played by Eric Christian Olsen) future on the show for a number of seasons now. However, what has the actor himself revealed about his plans ahead of the show returning later this year for season 12?

Will Marty Deeks leave NCIS Los Angeles?

Over the past few seasons of NCIS LA, Deeks and Kensi have been discussing their future together more and more.

And one of the biggest points of contention between them is whether they could raise a family while still being NCIS agents.

As fans of the show will remember, this even led to their huge argument back in the season nine finale about how they viewed their future together.

This was broached again in season 11 when Kensi helped rescue Deeks from a bomb and she indicated how she maybe did not want to have children after all.

Speaking to Parade back in December 2019, Olsen revealed a bit more about what Kensi and Deeks’ future on the show might look like.

He explained: “There’s a great line that says, ‘You want to know how to make God laugh? You tell him your plans.’

“You tell him your plans, which is, ‘Oh, all right, we’re going to do this next thing,’ and of course, nothing goes to plan.”

Olsen did also reveal how if his character was to leave the NCIS team to start a family, it would likely be a decision made by Kensi.

This is because, as fans of the show know, Kensi is the one who wants to remain in her job most of all.

He added: “I think that Deeks loves her enough to know that he can’t change her, and what she does is so deeply embedded in who she is.

“I think that there’s an interesting recognition from Deeks that says, ‘If I take that from her or I ask that chapter to end, I think she loses a big piece of herself.’”

He added: “So, she’s got to have ownership of that decision.”

Therefore at the moment, it does look like the fan-favourite romantic duo will be staying on screens for now.

There has been a number of rumours in the past about how Olsen could be leaving the show at some point.

For example, back in 2018, some fans were worried after he sold two projects called Life Lessons and Nurses to CBS.

However, when viewers asked him about his future on NCIS LA, he responded in a comment on Instagram to reassure them.

When a fan told him to please not leave NCIS LA, he responded with a quip about his wife Sarah Wright Olsen.

He said: “I’m gonna do both until my body gives out or @swrightolsen kills me.”

Therefore it seems viewers do not have to worry about Olsen and his beloved character of Deeks going anywhere soon.

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