NCIS LA season 13: NCIS infiltrates as Katya is revealed to be Callen’s deepfake perpetrator


In the next episode of the action-packed drama, NCIS LA leader G Callen gets one step closer to apprehending the Russian agent who has been posing as him.

G Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell) finally discovers that Katya (Eve Barlow) has been sabotaging him with eerily convincing deepfake technology in the following back-to-back episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles’ 13th season. According to the latest CBS preview for the two-part event, the entire team could be in danger from the Russian spy’s sinister plan.

In the latest NCIS LA promo, Callen and Special Projects expert Fatima Namazi (Medalion Rahimi) confirmed Katya’s return.

The two agents appear to be discussing a recent art heist, which the team suspects was orchestrated by Katya, in the latest clip.

“NCIS investigates the robbery of a high-end arts storage by going undercover as potential buyers on the black market, to find who is behind the stolen items,” according to the synopsis for episode 14, Pandora’s Box.

Callen, on the other hand, is unable to conduct a thorough investigation due to Katya’s efforts to undermine the team’s jurisdiction.

“The reason the warrant request was pending was because of you,” Fatima says. “It appears that you contacted the judge.”

“You mean my deepfake?” Callen responds. “Well, at least we know it was Katya now.”


Callen is almost certain Katya is the perpetrator of his recent identity theft, as she appears to be targeting his girlfriend, Anna Kolcheck, with the technology (Bar Paly).

Katya could keep going until the entire team is at our disposal now that she’s started using the deepfakes for her own purposes.

“As long as she’s in charge of our deepfakes, the more sophisticated they’ll become,” Fatima warns. She’s never going to stop.”

The quick-thinking team leader realizes they can use Katya’s latest scheme to their advantage, even if it means committing to one of the riskiest plays in NCIS history.

“Unless we force her,” Callen muses. “It had to be personal if she hid it in that vault.” She wouldn’t have gone to such lengths.”

“She probably discovered you had access to your safe deposit box,” Fatima speculates. “And she knew it was going to lead us here.”

“She couldn’t come get it herself, it’d be too risky,” Callen adds.

“She knew she’d need a warrant to get inside, so she poses as you and contacts the judge,” Fatima responds.


The team could be planning to lure Katya into NCIS headquarters to Callen’s own deposit box in order to set up a trap for the unwitting Russian spy.

Because Katya may have full access to the NCIS base as a result of her collection of deepfakes, it would be an ideal hiding place for the stolen art.

“She buys herself a little time, she gathers a crew, they come steal it themselves and get out of here,” Callen muses.

Once Katya and her team have broken into HQ to recover the stolen art, it will be up to Callen to assemble his own task force to stop her.

However, it remains to be seen whether the NCIS has the firepower to deal with the infiltration or if they are preparing for a full-scale invasion.

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