Kensi & Deeks Moment That Left Daniela Ruah in Tears: “Couldn’t Stop Crying”

NCIS LA viewers adore Kensi and Deeks’ romance on the show. But which scenario caused Daniela Ruah to become emotional?

Fans of NCIS Los Angeles will recall that Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) and Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) have faced numerous stressful situations. Daniela Ruah, the star, claimed that one moment in particular caused her to cry uncontrollably.

Which Scene Between Kensi and Deeks Made Daniela Ruah Emotional?

Fans of NCIS: Los Angeles adore the evolving romance between Kensi and Deeks, culminating in their long-awaited wedding. In an interview, Eric Christian Olsen cherished their first real kiss in season four, while Daniela Ruah found resonance in their initial fake kiss during an undercover mission in season three.

However, Ruah confessed to struggling emotionally with a poignant scene in the season nine finale. The heart-wrenching confrontation in a parking lot left her in tears during the table read. In this pivotal moment, Deeks and Kensi clashed over their future with NCIS, with Deeks pressing for an exit strategy while Kensi remained committed to the team.

Their heated exchange reached its climax when Deeks proposed that if they stayed in, their relationship could end disastrously. Kensi, unwavering, refused to compromise her integrity or their bond. Deeks’s ultimatum left them on uncertain ground, with him questioning the viability of their impending marriage.

Fortunately, season ten brought reconciliation, paving the way for their joyous wedding. As NCIS: Los Angeles gears up for season twelve, fans eagerly anticipate more emotional moments between this beloved couple.

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