NCIS L.A: During Her Early Career Daniela Ruah ‘Was Afraid She Would Be Fired At Any Time’


Daniela Ruah, who plays the feisty Kensi Blye on NCIS Los Angeles, wasn’t always as confident as her CBS counterpart.

Daniela Ruah, star of NCIS: Los Angeles, was afraid of being fired when she first started acting more than 20 years ago.

Ruah’s breakthrough into national television came when she joined NCIS Los Angeles as Agent Kensi Blye in 2009.

Prior to the CBS cop drama, she had largely worked in Portuguese television, including her first significant break as Sara in the soap opera Jardins Proibidos for a year.

She then appeared in additional dramas such as Filha do Mar, Dei-te Quase Tudo, and Tu e Eu.

These events were essential in getting the 39-year-old noticed in the first place, but it wasn’t always a stress-free process.

Ruah discusses working on Portuguese soap operas and how eager newbies were to stay on the show on The Wayne Ayers Podcast.

“It felt very difficult in the beginning and then you’re just happy to be there” , she went on to say.

“And this is a good lesson to teach any young people who want to be actors: you’ll always say yes to everything.”

“For one thing, you’re thinking, ‘I don’t want to be difficult, I don’t want to get fired.'”

“You always feel like you’re going to get fired for being tough, yet it’s critical that you stay firm on certain issues.”


“Like, don’t be late, that’s basic,” she continued. Get up and head on set when they knock on your trailer or the green room, or wherever you’re waiting.

“There’s a group of people waiting to go home that day, and you don’t want to be the cause of any delays.”

“However, if they say, ‘hey, do you mind working 15, 16 hours and coming back tomorrow at 7am,’ you can say no.”

Because that is not humanly healthy, and you will not do your work well the next day if you have just done that.

I can’t speak for movies, but everyone will ask you everything, and you really need to sift out what you’re okay with and what would ruin you in the long run.

NCIS: Los Angeles finished after 14 seasons earlier this year, but Ruah has kept busy outside of the show.

She has already appeared as Fatima in the Netflix Portuguese series Turn of the Tide.

Ruah will also appear as Maria Francisco in the next film Luso, which is now in post-production.

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