NCIS Storylines That Left Fans Sad

Certainly! “NCIS” has had its fair share of devastating storylines that left viewers upset. From the departure of popular characters to explosive narrative surprises, here are some of the moments that sparked heated conversations among ardent fans.

The Backstory Misstep:

“NCIS’s Season 6 episode ‘Knockout’ attempted to unveil Director Vance’s enigmatic past but ended up being the lowest-rated on IMDb. Fans felt the timing was off for delving into Vance’s backstory, given his relatively recent introduction to the squad. It’s a reminder that not every character dive resonates, and backstory episodes might fare better when fans are more invested. Lesson learned: timing is crucial in unfolding character arcs.”

Revisiting Gibbs’ Past:

Mark Harmon’s portrayal of Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a defining feature of NCIS, with his murky past bringing intrigue to the show. However, revisiting Gibbs’ vengeance k1lling in Season 16 drew anger from viewers. Many others believed it was redundant repeating, given it had previously been discussed in a previous episode. Viewers vented their outrage on platforms such as Reddit.

Fans wanted new developments, not a retread of old plotlines.

Season 14’s Struggle:

NCIS Season 14 faced a tough challenge after Tony DiNozzo’s departure. Despite attempts to fill the gap with new characters, fans were disappointed. Chemistry fizzled, banter fell flat, and the new additions struggled to fit in. Viewers missed the spark of earlier seasons.

Ziva’s Farewell:

Cote de Pablo’s departure as Ziva David in Season 11 surprised viewers. She initially cited personal reasons, but then disclosed creative disagreements. De Pablo objected to Ziva’s fate and refused to return until a new tale was developed. Her position highlighted Ziva’s empowering impact on viewers, cementing her status as a popular character.

Abby’s Shocking Exit:

Pauley Perrette’s departure from NCIS as Abby Sciuto left fans reeling. Speculation swirled about tension with Mark Harmon, but Perrette set the record straight, asserting she wouldn’t return due to fear. Despite the loss, NCIS remains a powerhouse, captivating viewers with its enduring charm and gripping cr1me-solving narratives. As it celebrates two decades on air, NCIS proves its resilience, captivating audiences and keeping them hooked with each episode.

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