NCIS: Hawaii update: Casting has begun for key role

NCIS: Hawaii has already taken a big step forward when it comes to production. It seems that the NCIS: Hawaii cast is going to feature a female lead for the first time in the franchise, which is a different direction than the other shows have taken.

Mark Harmon (NCIS), Chris O’Donnell and LL COOL J (NCIS: Los Angeles), and Scott Bakula (NCIS: New Orleans) were the agents in charge of the previous three shows. Even with the failed NCIS: Red spin-off, a man was in charge (played by John Corbett), but he was going to share those duties with a character played by actress Kim Raver. Now, though, a woman will be entirely in charge.

That’s not the only NCIS: Hawaii cast news we have to pass on as the character name has also been revealed. The special agent in charge of a branch called NCIS Pearl is going to be named Jane Tennant. This is all being reported by TV Line, with the site saying it has sources close to the production.

As with any television show that is in production, character names should be considered tentative until the show finally gets filmed and presented to the viewers. We still don’t have an official confirmation of the new NCIS spin-off either, because CBS hasn’t commented on it yet. The network likely wants the current TV season to finish out first.

NCIS: Hawaii casting is underway

It has been stated that casting for the principal characters of this NCIS spin-off is underway. We hope that we will learn some of the names that get attached to the show soon, but the people in power likely want to take this process slowly in order to get the perfect people on board.

There have already been rumors that a woman guest-starring on NCIS Season 18 could be tapped to move over to NCIS: Hawaii if the show got off the ground. That’s not all, though, as some fans want to see people like Ziva David, Dwayne Pride, and Anthony DiNozzo head to Hawaii after departing from their own shows.

NCIS: New Orleans has been canceled by CBS, which is why Pride could swap locations and how CBS would have room for another NCIS spin-off on the primetime schedule.

More news from the world of NCIS

On the latest episode of NCIS, Mark Harmon’s wife joined the cast and Gibbs made steps toward retirement. There was even a new primary team in the office responding to calls instead of Torres, Bishop, and McGee. That raises a lot of questions about the futures of these characters.

NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles still haven’t been renewed for new seasons at CBS either, so the future of these shows is also up in the air. We are hoping that CBS is just waiting for the right time to announce the approval of NCIS Season 19 and NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13. Doing that in conjunction with an official announcement about NCIS: Hawaii would make a lot of sense.

NCIS: Hawaii should debut on CBS in fall 2021.

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