‘NCIS’: Gibbs Rule 91 Explained

The Season 18 finale of NCIS featured some unexpected events. There were many tense moments as well as unfinished business. A rule you’re probably not familiar with was mentioned during this episode—Gibbs Rule 91. Here’s what we know so far about Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) most recent rule.

Gibbs’s Rule Mark Harmon has a good memory.

The Gibbs Rules are a recurring theme on NCIS. They are a set of guidelines by which he lives and works. During conversations, he frequently mentions his rules. Harmon discussed the rules in a 2014 interview with the late Larry King. When asked if he has a list of Gibbs rules he follows, he stated that he does not.

“I know there’s a list, a long list,” Harmon admitted. “I recognize a few of them.” When King asks Harmon to recall a rule, he immediately recalls Gibbs Rule No. 9: “A knife should always be carried.”

On ‘NCIS,’ Gibbs Rule No. 9 came in handy.

During NCIS Season 17, Gibbs develops a friendship with his next-door neighbor, Phineas (Jack Fisher). They became such close friends that Gibbs frequently looked after him while his mother was away. He assisted him with his homework and even let Phineas help with an NCIS investigation.

There’s a scene in NCIS Season 17 Episode 11 (titled “In the Wind”) where Phineas is being taken to the airport against his will. The alarms go off when he passes through the airport security metal detector. An agent uses the handheld paddle to scan him, and he recovers a knife Phineas had hidden in his sock. His quick thinking aided in stopping his kidnapper.

When Gibbs sees Phineas again, he asks if the kidnapper hurt him. “He tried, but I stopped him,” Phineas says. Gibbs inquires as to what Phineas means, and he responds, “Rule 9: always carry a knife.” “Exactly as you said.”

On ‘NCIS,’ what is Gibbs Rule 91?

During NCIS Season 18 Episode 16 (titled “Rule 91”), Gibbs is speaking with Marcie Warren (Pam Dawber), the reporter who wrote about his run-in with the law after a suspect was beaten up. When she sees his boat, which appears to be finished, she informs him that it isn’t.

“If it makes you feel any better, it’s not finished yet,” Marcie says. “It’s unlucky to launch a boat without naming it.” The words “Rule 91” are printed on the side of the boat in another scene. This is the name Gibbs chooses.

When Gibbs is on the phone with Bishop, Rule 91 comes up again (Emily Wickersham). She requests that he remind her of the rule. He then discloses Rule 91: “When you make the decision to walk away, don’t look back.”

What happened in the Season 18 finale of ‘NCIS’?

During the NCIS Season 18 finale, Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) makes another appearance. After Bishop is accused of leaking sensitive National Security Agency information, she offers to pitch in and assist with research. Torres and Bishop talk about their relationship, Bishop resigns, and Gibbs’ boat is blown up—while he’s on it. The premiere of NCIS Season 19 should be exciting.

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