NCIS Fans Can’t Decide On Their Favorite Female Character

“NCIS” fans are divided on their favorite female character, resulting in spirited conversations among viewers. From the adored Kate Todd to the bold Ziva David, each character has made an indelible impression on the program. Ziva frequently leads the polls by a large percentage, demonstrating her ongoing popularity. However, Kate continues to have strong support, with some fans championing fresh recruits such as Ellie Bishop. The enthusiasm of fans ensures that debates regarding beloved characters are constantly lively and active.

Fans Believe Ellie Bishop and Abby Sciuto Are Underappreciated

In a recent Reddit poll by u/Ncisroleplayer97, Ziva David emerges as the fan-favorite with 498 votes, reinforcing her iconic status in the NCIS universe. However, the absence of Ellie Bishop and Abby Sciuto sparked a flurry of comments from passionate fans advocating for their inclusion.

Users like u/5klm and u/PandasNPenguins voiced their support for Bishop and Sciuto, highlighting their underappreciated status. Meanwhile, the inclusion of Jeanne Benoit raised eyebrows, with many questioning her relevance compared to other characters like Diane Gibbs-Fornell-Sterling.

Despite various viewpoints, one thing stays constant: fans’ continuing adoration for Ziva and her interaction with Tony DiNozzo, demonstrating their emotional connection to the show. It’s evident that NCIS fans will always express their ideas passionately, ensuring that their favorite characters get the accolades they deserve.

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  1. I thought they should not have killed ex Diane …always thought the perfect ending would be she and Gibbs sailing off to retirement in Mexico

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