NCIS fans rejoice as Kasie Hines’ relationship is confirmed by the CBS series: ‘Finally’

NCIS fans were overjoyed to learn that Forensic Scientist Kasie Hines may have been given a long-term love interest for the first time since her character first appeared on the show in 2018.

In the 15th season of the CBS drama, Kasie Hines (played by Diona Reasonover) first joined the NCIS team. She has since become a beloved member of the team in her own right, having replaced the task force’s former forensic expert Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), though viewers still don’t know much about her personal life outside the office.

In the latest episode of NCIS, Starting Over, forensic expert Kasie was finally given a love interest.

She appears to be in a relationship with another lab technician, Piper (Tess Aubert).

Tess, the show’s supporting character, made a brief appearance in the NCIS robotics lab in a previous episode this season titled All Hands.

If Piper and Kasie’s relationship is to be explored further in future episodes, she may soon be given a much beefier role.

Kasie told her coworkers that the relationship was still in its early stages, but that it could develop into something more serious as the series progressed.

After being a CBS staple for nearly a decade, NCIS fans were overjoyed to see Kasie potentially find happiness with a fellow lab tech.

“Kasie and Piper?” wrote the show’s official Twitter page. We’re here to help.”

Fans responded enthusiastically to their tweet, including @willscherrypie, who said, “So happy with this.”

“KASIE HAS A GIRLFRIEND, OH MY GOD,” exclaimed @lexiesdaisy.

Fiona also tweeted, “Finally, a gay character in NCIS!” That was a day I thought would never come!! “Good luck, Kasie.”

Others, however, were convinced Piper’s introduction was simply a prelude to sparks flying between Kasie and the team’s new recruit, Jessica Knight (Katrina Law).

Now that the series has established Kasie’s interest in women, could Jessica also reveal more about her sexuality and flirt with the diligent technician?

“I watched one episode of NCIS and saw the interaction and chemistry between Jess and Kasie,” Oswald Niehaus speculated.

“I’m not sure what to say to you, but they could turn into something.”

“I think you were right when you thought/hoped Knight was gay,” Sarah MacWilliams responded to another user.

“She was completely flirting with Kasie in [this week’s] NCIS episode.” It was a sh0cking discovery!!!”

Because Piper is a minor character, the writers may be preparing the characters for a more significant romance later in the series.

However, fans have clearly responded positively to Piper’s addition thus far, so she may take on a more significant role for the remainder of season 19 and into season 20.

Diona is openly gay outside of her NCIS role and married fellow actress Patricia Villetto in 2018.

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