NCIS Fans Are Opposed To Tony and Ziva Returning – Here is Why!

There is much speculation that fan favorites Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David may return on NCIS for the next 2024 season. While many fans had hoped for a reunion, others remain doubtful.

The pair, portrayed by Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, left an indelible mark on viewers during their time on the show. However, opinions are split on whether their return would be a boon or a bust.

Weatherly’s cryptic tweets have further fanned the speculation, hinting to potential surprises. Despite the excitement, some fans believe that bringing them back full-time may jeopardize the show’s growth.

On social media, discussions are rife. While some advocate for a cameo or a special appearance, others believe their time has passed, preferring to cherish the memories.

Fans will have to wait and see if Tony and Ziva will return, as there has been no official confirmation. However, with the present writers’ strike slowing production, the wait could be longer than anticipated.

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  1. Bring them back! Please offer an explanation of why they left, what has happened to them and their daughter and get the old crew back together! Parker just doesn’t work for me.

  2. Dont bring Cote back the producers and management team have screwed Cote and they dont deserve her she shoildnt go back they treat her like crap..They have a hold on her money she earned

  3. Oh yes bring them back. NCIS is dead without them. If anything, to revive the show … Oh please please please bring them back.. Mark Harmon was the main part of NCIS but we all get to old to carry on. So please bring back Tony and Ziva…. Revival… 👌

  4. They are not coming back to NCIS, but doing a spin off with just those 2 as a married couple – I think as detectives.

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