NCIS Fans Are Dissatisfied With Mark Harmon’s Replacement, Saying: “OK, CBS, You Flat Out Lied To Us”

“NCIS” fans are in an uproar over Mark Harmon’s exit and the replacement for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. They’re questioning how the show can go on without its iconic leader. One fan accused CBS of lying to viewers, sparking a response from the showrunner.

On ‘NCIS,’ CBS Insisted That Gary Cole’s Agent Parker Would Not Replace Mark Harmon’s Gibbs.

In early 2021, speculation swirled over Mark Harmon’s exit from ‘NCIS’. Sources suggested that the 70-year-old actor would leave before the end of season 18. However, CBS denied speculations and confirmed Harmon’s return for another season. Gary Cole, an Emmy-nominated actor, joined as a series regular and played FBI Agent Alden Parker. Insiders underlined that Cole’s function will not replace Harmon’s Gibbs.

In Season 19, Episode 5, ‘Face the Strange,’ Agent Parker Took the Place of Agent Gibbs.

Harmon returned for Season 19 but clues hinted at his departure. After just two episodes, it was clear CBS was replacing Gibbs with Parker. Harmon bid farewell as Cole took over, evident from Gibbs’ boat name, Rule 91, and Parker’s claim that coincidences happen all the time.

‘NCIS’ Supporters Accuse CBS of ‘Blatantly Lying To Us.’

NCIS fans accuse CBS of trickery after the new commander raises uproar. Cole faces a difficult challenge as the replacement for the long-time leader. Outraged that Agent Parker replaced McGee as team leader. Fans express dissatisfaction: ‘CBS outright lied!’ Gibbs’ heir apparent is sidelined. ‘Gibbs would never select Parker over McGee.’ Tension increases as devoted viewers express displeasure.

Steven D. Binder, The Show’s Creator, Reacts.

NCIS showrunner Steven D. Binder swiftly addressed a fan’s accusation regarding the show’s recent storyline. “I wouldn’t presume Gibbs chose Parker over McGee,” Binder clarified. “I envision Gibbs and McGee had ample opportunity to discuss the future, and what McGee conveyed to Torres during the stake-out… Gibbs was already aware. :)”

‘NCIS’ Fans Were Desperate for McGee To Take Over for Gibbs.

“NCIS” supporters are outraged by the decision to pass over McGee for Gibbs’ position. Despite Binder’s remarks and McGee’s hesitation in episode 5, people felt he deserved the role. Twitter users express disappointment, describing the text as inconsistent and a smack in the face to McGee. Many believe McGee, not Parker, should lead the club, igniting a debate about who genuinely deserves the coveted job.

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  1. Put Gary Glasberg in the place of Gibbs! Or the REAL MARK HARMON.
    If not, I am gone. Never watch NCIS again and I am one of the greatest fans, but not any more!

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