NCIS Fans Are Opposed To Tony and Ziva Returning – Here is Why!

NCIS isn’t anticipated to return until 2024, and while Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David have been rumored to return, not everyone is delighted.

Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David may make their NCIS season 21 returns, but the verdict is still out on whether it’s a good idea.

Fans had been shipping Agents Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) for years and were disappointed when they never met onscreen until Ziva’s departure in season 11.

Tony left after her supposed d3ath in season 13, but when she made a surprise return at the conclusion of season 16, Ziva reconciled with Tony and their daughter Tali offscreen.

Since then, there has been speculation of them making a reunion on NCIS, with actor Michael Weatherly adding gasoline to the fire in recent years.

On New Year’s Day, a fan pleaded with the actor on Twitter for Tony and Ziva to return to the show, to which he suddenly replied: “Stay tuned…for this could be an interesting year for such moments!”

He has also tweeted multiple times about the program, most recently recreating the iconic Gibbs/DiNozzo slap.

Despite the characters’ popularity during their tenure on NCIS, many people do not wish to see Tony and Ziva return full-time.

Many are instead hoping to appear in the CBS police procedural for a big occasion such as the drama’s final episode, if it is to finish.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on a possible “Tiva” revival.

“I know this probably won’t be popular, but I don’t think Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo should come back to NCIS,” one fan began the Reddit discussion.

“I’d like to see them return for a quest shot, if not an entire thread.” However, bringing them back as cast members would be a step back.”

“I completely agree, I don’t want them back; let’s just be grateful we had them,” said another.

“What happens to Nick and Jess if they return?” Nick and Jess have sibling relationships, and their banter is effective.”

“Unpopular opinion, but I don’t really want either of them back at NCIS,” said another.

“Tony was a regular on the show for 12 years.” Every time they came close to having the character mature and grow, he would revert back to his infantile habits.

“That grew old, especially as he got older.” I really liked Ziva, but her reappearance in S17 wasn’t the same.”

So far, there has been no official confirmation that the couple will return to NCIS.

However, due to the writers’ strike that has been going on for the past month, it will be some time before the drama returns.

If the strikes persist, NCIS may not return until early 2024 or later.

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  1. I want Tony and Ziva to return to the show!!! They added to the drama on the show. I want to see how their relationship plays out!

  2. I think you should leave as it was the last episode of NCIS ! I really like who is in the show right now ! It would be a step back if you bring back Tony and Ziva !

    • I loved them both but I agree. If they came back perhaps it could be part time as they might be part of another team that works with this one and Mark Harmon leade the other team.


  4. I would live to see Tony and Ziva return. Nick is great and I have enjoyed the actress who plays Jess in other shows but the character is rather lacking in personality and the Jimmy connection isn’t believable. Bring back Gibbs, Tony and Ziva along with McGee and Nick and Bishop was great as well. I really have enjoyed the show despite character changes but would like Abby back as well.

    • I watch the reruns but when Ziva left, then Tony, Abby and Gibbs i really haven’t watched.
      I liked several of the characters but as the cast keep changing I’ve watched mainly reruns.
      I like how McGee and Jimmy characters developed and I love Ducky but it’s just not the same 🙄 I liked the NCIS- New Orleans and it got canceled I watch the reruns of that one too! New Orleans was a fun atmosphere with being in New Orleans and I loved the music, the traditions . Never watched NCIS Hawaii or the LA group. The Gibbs group was the best!!
      Creative writers should work it out!!
      Thanks for listening (as it were)

  5. I want them back! They were the reason I wat her it in first place. Those that ssay Tony was infantile must never worked in life and death situations ! Most of that precieved was to break the tensions. Bring them and Tali back!

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