NCIS Cast Reveal How Mark Harmon’s Departure Changed the Show


In a shocking twist, Mark Harmon leaves NCIS after nearly two decades, allowing Sean Murray’s character, Timothy McGee, to take the spotlight.

Harmon’s departure marks the end of an era, as his character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, has been the face of NCIS since its inception. Now, McGee, once the ultimate rookie, takes center stage, showcasing his growth and evolution over the years.

Murray muses on McGee’s path, crediting it to the show’s great writers and his own growth as an actor. Despite the obstacle, Murray considers it a privilege to play a character for almost 20 years, recognizing the rarity of such a chance in the industry.

Fans were deeply moved by Harmon’s departure, expressing their emotions on social media. The impact is evident in the show’s ratings, which experienced a dip following Gibbs’ exit. However, Harmon’s continued involvement as an executive producer indicates his support for the show’s direction.

While rumors circulate regarding Harmon’s possible return for special episodes, the focus has shifted to McGee’s journey as the new protagonist. As NCIS starts a new chapter, viewers are excited to see how the show will progress without its renowned boss.

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