NCIS Cast 2020 Updated: Real-Life Partners Revealed!

NCIS is in its Season 18! NCIS cast is known for being secretive about their private lives, but here’s what we know. What are Mark Harmon’s secrets of a happy marriage? Who helps Diona Reasonover prepare for her role of a forensic scientist? And how Wilmer Valderrama and his fiancée celebrated their first anniversary?

Amazingly, Emily Wickersham’s story reminds that of her character Ellie Bishop. The same is true for Sean Murray and, to some extent, for Brian Dietzen. Rocky Carroll enjoys a true family bliss, which is not the fact for the NCIS Director Leon Vance.

Also, fans should not expect that the tension between Sloane and Gibbs would transfer to real life, as Maria Bello is engaged to her long-term girlfriend. And Wilmer Valderrama is now engaged too. His fiancée is a model Amanda Pancheko. Watch this video to get full update on the private lives of the NCIS actors!

Source: YouTube OSSA

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