NCIS: 9 Burning Questions and Spoilers for Season 21

Due to WGA and SAG strikes, NCIS fans may have to wait longer for Season 21, which is expected to release in early 2024. With Season 20 ending on a cliffhanger, the delay is especially difficult.

As Season 21 approaches, viewers have 10 pressing questions for Season 21, asking for answers to the top cases.

What is the identity of the man Nick confronts..?

In the Season 20 finale, Nick goes undercover in a jail and meets an inmate who harbors a grudge against an old buddy. Convinced of the betrayal, Nick approaches the man, expressing his family’s anguish.

The fundamental mystery concerns the identity and conduct of the individual who harmed Nick’s family. While stealing is assumed, Nick’s deep animosity points to a potentially more profound and terrible cr1me.

Fans are looking forward to learning more about the man whose deeds prompted Nick to such extreme steps.

In NCIS Season 21, will Torres pull the trigger?

The season finale ends with Nick holding a gun to the man’s head, implying a desire to commit murd3r. If he crosses that line for vengeance, it might be the end of Nick’s career at NCIS, adding to the season’s intrigue.

What is next for Jimmy and Knight?

The medical examiner and the tough agent’s connection blossomed in Season 20. Confessions of love, mutual support at difficult times, and the prospect of moving in together all contribute to the romantic hurdles they’ll confront on the job in Season 21.

Will Parker’s new romance continue?

The team pursued a plotline concerning Russian agents tied to Senator Miller (Brigid Brangh) in Season 20. A shocking conclusion exposed her link to Parker, piqued our interest in a possible ongoing romance. This dynamic might bring a new dimension to Parker’s persona while also providing entertaining moments as the staff reacts to their boss’s connection.

Is Kasie’s health still an issue?

In a late-season shock, Kasie discovers she has a hereditary tendency to Alzheimer’s, which has an emotional impact on her. Furthermore, actress Diona Reasonover’s recent surgery may have an impact on the character’s plot, echoing real-life problems in Kasie’s employment.

Will Fornell be back on NCIS?

The former FBI agent, a long-time fixture on the program, made major appearances in Season 20, supporting Parker and injecting his characteristic caustic wit. Given the limited episodes in Season 21, a Fornell cameo is unlikely, although fans would appreciate him continuing his pattern of appearing in each NCIS season.

Can Ziva and Tony return?

Fans have speculated about Michael Weatherly’s return to NCIS as Tony DiNozzo since the end of Bull. Despite Tony’s happy life in France with Ziva, scheduling conflicts for Weatherly and Cote De Pablo make Season 21 appearances unlikely, given the season’s low episode count. The chance of either, let alone both, appearing is still unknown.

Will Gibbs ever return?

Since Mark Harmon’s departure in the Season 19 opener, NCIS hasn’t been the same. While Parker is doing well, fans miss Gibbs, his rules, banter, and modern-day challenges. Harmon, like Gibbs, appears satisfied in retirement, although Gibbs’ return for a case remains a possibility. It’s a “never say never” situation, with the possibility of future appearances.

Will there be another crossover?

NCIS has a history of successful crossovers, including a memorable three-way in Season 20. While a crossover with NCIS: Hawaii is logical, Season 21’s limited episode count presents a hurdle. However, quick appearances by Hawaii cast members could still help to expand the NCIS universe.

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