‘Most Hated’ Characters on Blue Bloods: 5 of Them that Fans Find Disliked

The Reagans are the most despised characters among fans.

In its 13-year run on CBS, Blue Bloods has become a beloved favorite for fans of police procedurals, serving as a Friday night staple. The show expertly blends cr1me and family drama, addressing themes like police brutality, ethical dilemmas, generational trauma, and conflict.

Blue Bloods has had its share of great and mediocre moments over the course of 13 seasons, and the same can be said for its characters. We’ve compiled a list of the Blue Bloods characters that many fans dislike, ranging from beautifully written to unsightly-surprisingly, no supporting characters made the cut.

Starting with Pops, the family patriarch brings gravitas to the plot with his authoritative yet reserved demeanor.

Despite his openness to change, Frank, at times, faces criticism from fans. His actions, such as rigidly following rules while making exceptions for loved ones, and questionable parenting methods, contribute to the mixed reception within the fandom.

On the one hand, Danny is a fantastic detective who has solved numerous cases and brought justice to the cr1me-ridden city of New York. He is also devoted to his family, which is especially important given that Blue Bloods is a family drama.

Donnie Wahlberg’s character, on the other hand, appears to be even more conservative than Frank himself, preferring to enforce the law using the most aggressive, brutal, and controversial tactics.

Erin faces a challenging path as Frank’s only daughter and the family’s sole non-police officer. As an Assistant District Attorney and a single mother, her character is complex.

However, her perceived arrogance, coldness, and unwavering adherence to the law, even in the face of threats to her loved ones, can be frustrating for some fans.

Nicky is undeniably her mother’s daughter, and she can be an extremely arrogant know-it-all at times. On the one hand, she is supposed to be the more liberal and left-leaning counterpoint to the Reagans’ family table opinions.

Her statements, on the other hand, do not take into account the context of what is going on, rendering them completely meaningless.

The Reagans top the list based on fan opinions, with Eddie at the forefront. However, the latest season of Blue Bloods (Season 13) didn’t do justice to Eddie’s character.

Eddie, a new and badass cop, was underutilized in Season 13. Instead of elevating her character, the season reduced her autonomy, reducing her role to constantly relying on Danny for assistance.


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  1. I do not completely Agree with the above statements. These actors are very good at portraying the character written in the script. The show depicts what supposedly goes on in a family of policemen. Unless we have a relative or close friend what actually do we know about the life of people in law enforcement?? It’s similar to walking into a hospital or a busy factory … the profession depicts the workers in that certain scene. If the writers of the script and the directors of the show fail, the show fails.. not necessarily the actors as they are following the character written in the story line.

  2. Ridiculous. I love every character on that show and I I love that show. There is only one character I do not like and that is Nicky. Yes, she is an opinionated, arrogant, left-wing liberal. I would like to slap her sometimes. It’s one of the last few shows where they go to church, they pray and they eat together. So sad that it is ending.

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