Michael Weatherly Reconnected With One of His Former ‘NCIS’ Co-Stars, and It Felt ‘Soo Good’

Michael Weatherly is nearing the end of his six-year run on Bull. CBS announced earlier this year that the legal drama had been canceled. The final episodes are currently being filmed by the cast and crew. However, there is a silver lining to the bad news. The end of Bull has allowed Weatherly to reunite with one of his former NCIS co-stars. And it felt “sooo good,” he says.

For 13 seasons, Michael Weatherly portrayed Tony DiNozzo on ‘NCIS.’

Weatherly previously appeared on NCIS as “Very Special Agent” Tony DiNozzo before taking on the role of psychologist Dr. Jason Bull. Weatherly played the role for 13 seasons, and he had great chemistry with two different co-stars.

Weatherly flirted with Agent Kate Todd, played by Sasha Alexander, during the first two seasons, from 2003 to 2005. From season three to season eleven, NCIS viewers were treated to constant banter between DiNozzo and Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David.

Tony had a child with Ziva before departing from NCIS in season 13. According to canon, they are now happily married and living in Paris with their daughter.

Weatherly hasn’t collaborated with Alexander or de Pablo on any other projects since leaving NCIS. That has recently changed, thanks to the conclusion of Bull.

Sasha Alexander and Michael Weatherly reunited, and it felt’sooo good.’

Weatherly recently took to Twitter to inform his nearly 500,000 followers that he had reunited with Alexander for one of Bull’s final episodes. Fans, however, will not be able to see the duo reunite on-screen. Alexander, on the other hand, will be directing an upcoming episode.

Alexander went on to appear in over 100 episodes of Rizzoli & Isles after leaving NCIS. She also directed a couple of episodes. She has also directed episodes of Netflix’s smash hit You.

“I’m very excited that @sashaalexander is directing one of the final episodes of #Bull, and perhaps clips will follow…” Weatherly penned the piece. Weatherly said in the accompanying video clip, “So if Sasha Alexander is directing an episode of Bull, I should post something with us talking.” Right?”

He didn’t post anything with the two of them talking. Alexander, on the other hand, posted a photo of the former co-stars on Instagram. “Reunited and it feels sooo goood,” she wrote in the caption. @bullcbs #michaelweatherly.”

‘NCIS’ fans were ecstatic about the reunion.

Both Weatherly’s and Alexander’s posts sparked interest among NCIS fans. Many people expressed a desire to see the “clips” mentioned by Weatherly.

“I’m overjoyed that she’ll be directing an episode as well!” Also, I’m thrilled that you two will be working together again!!!!” wrote one fan. “Oh yes!” said another. Please hurry! There are so many clips! It’s wonderful to see you both reunited and working together after all these years. I adore you both! Have a good time!”

Bulls fans have been promised a “big series finish” by Weatherly. But first, they’ll get to see the episode directed by Alexander. On her Instagram Stories, she announced that she directed episode 20 of the sixth and final season, which will air in early May.

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