Meet Chris O’Donnell’s Wife and Children, Who Have Made Appearances on NCIS: Los Angeles

Chris O’Donnell’s final appearance as Agent G. Callen will be in May, as NCIS: Los Angeles comes to an end after 14 seasons.

Since the show’s inception in 2009, the actor has played the lead role. But did you know that he isn’t the only one in his family who has appeared on the show?

Chris O’Donnell’s wife’s name?

Chris O’Donnell is married to Caroline Fentress, an elementary school teacher. They met in the early 1990s and married in April 1997 at St. Patrick’s Church in Washington, D.C.

Chris previously told Redbook Magazine about his first kiss with his now-wife: “The first time I kissed her, I was like, Wow.”

“But she was the sister of a good friend, so my next thought was, ‘Oh, God—Andrew’s going to be really [expletive] off!'”

Chris, the youngest of seven children raised in a Catholic home, had five children with Caroline: Lily, 23, Christopher Jr., 22, Charlie, 19, Finley, 17, and Maeve, 15.

Chris has appeared on NCIS: Los Angeles for over a decade and has brought his family members onto the show on several occasions.

Caroline first appeared in the drama in season seven in 2015. During an interview with The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert about his wife’s cameo, Chris explained how Caroline and her friends, who also appeared in an episode Chris directed, began laughing during a dramatic gunfire scene.

“So they have a scene where this guy walks into a restaurant and starts shooting up the place,” Chris explained. “And everyone freaks out and panics, and they flee.”

“I’m watching the replay after we finished the take because there are hundreds of people there… And then this one group of girls comes in, and they’re all laughing hysterically. And they’re still carrying the real champagne they ordered for themselves.

“And I turn around, and the DP says, ‘You know, Chris, they’re all laughing.'”

“I say, ‘Yeah, I know…'” This is my wife. ‘We’ll take care of it,’ he added.

NCIS: Los Angeles has featured four of Chris’ five children. Christopher, his eldest son, was scheduled to appear in an episode but his appearance was postponed due to C0v1d. “My oldest son had a nice part he was supposed to do, but somebody got C0v1d and that didn’t happen,” Chris explained last year in an interview.

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