Inside The Relationship of Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette

When Pauley Perrette left “NCIS” in 2018, it initially seemed amicable, with positive statements from both her and CBS about her departure after 15 years on the show. However, it later emerged that Perrette and Mark Harmon had a significant falling out over a dog bite incident, leading to her exit from the role of Abby Sciuto.

Perrette said goodbye to her co-stars with a poignant tweet after filming her final scene in April 2018, professing her love for them. The network also released a statement recognizing her contributions to the series and respecting her decision to leave.

Despite the initial positive public statements, tensions behind the scenes became apparent, revealing a less harmonious departure for Perrette from the show.

Pauley Claims She Was Fired Cecause She Spoke Out Against Mark.

In May 2018, the seemingly positive relationship between Pauley Perrette and CBS took a turn when Perrette shared shocking tweets about her time on the set of “NCIS.” She claimed that she had refrained from speaking out until then to avoid stooping low but felt compelled to address false stories circulating about her.

Perrette’s tweets indicated a schism between her and a powerful marketing machine that was disseminating falsehoods about her, leaving her feeling stifled and frustrated. She alluded to difficulties on filming, mentioning “multiple physical assaults.”

Reports emerged that Perrette’s feud with Mark Harmon stemmed from an incident where his dog bit a crew member, leading to Perrette’s complaint to the network. Perrette later confirmed she wouldn’t return to the show.

Vanity Fair reported on a deleted tweet from Perrette alleging she was “physically assaulted” and lost her job after speaking out. These revelations added complexity to her departure from “NCIS” and raised questions about behind-the-scenes dynamics.

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  1. I think Perrette needs to keep her hands to herself and off Mark Harmon. She has a problem with too much of a hands on with him.

  2. I find it sad and utterly crazy what is going on between Mark Harmon and Paulie Parrett my heart is shattered I miss them both

  3. True or not, I think both had. Moved on. Hopefully Ms. Perrete finds her true love and live happily. Wish they both can still work on same series that made them famous. Good luck to all NCIS cast.

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