Mark Harmon Explains Why He Had To Leave NCIS

In a stunning change of events, Mark Harmon leaves NCIS after playing Leroy Jethro Gibbs for two decades. The 71-year-old actor’s retirement signals the end of an era for the popular police drama.

During the 19th season, Gibbs opts to stay in Alaska while the rest of the team returns to duty. Harmon clarifies that Gibbs hasn’t retired but has chosen a different path.

Sean Murray takes up the role of McGee, replacing Harmon in the credits for the season finale. This adjustment elicits varied emotions from viewers, indicating a substantial shift in the show’s dynamics.

Harmon expresses gratitude for the role, hinting at a possible return but leaving the door open for future surprises. His absence from Season 20’s opening titles indicates a definitive hiatus. Fans take to social media to share their sentiments, embracing the new direction while feeling a void without Harmon’s presence.

As the NCIS story progresses, viewers wait with bated breath, keeping the suspense alive in the world of the Naval Cr1minal Investigative Service. Stay tuned for more information on this developing story.


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  1. I’ve stopped watching the show. It’s lost to many of the original cast and the replacements just don’t cut it

  2. Harmon made the show, without him it’s not worth watching anymore, and without Ziva and Dinozzo, and Abby, it’s not the same. NCIS has gone bye-bye and after changing characters in NCIS New Orleans that too is bye-bye.

  3. Not bringing Gibbs back it’s like cutting off your nose despite your face for CBS. He is the reason the show was such a success and it will never be the same without him. We will all watch reruns for a while but eventually we will move onto something else because we want Gibbs And there is no other who can be the part Mark Harmon is the man ‼️

  4. We all know that Gibbs Mark Harmon is a wonderful actor but we all need to remember how long this man has been in acting we have to consider his feelings we have to consider what he would like to do also in his life differently let the man have his own freedom to do and to choose what he would like that’s not be selfish we enjoyed him while we could now it’s time for him to enjoy what he likes love you Mark

  5. I would love to see Mark Harmon return as Gibbs even if it’s only a drop-in to the old office to say hello or to aid in an investigation or any other supposition. It would be so thrilling to catch a small snippet now and then of him on his old set. It doesn’t have to be anything dangerous or preposterous. It could be simply a moment or two. It might even bring some old watchers back to the show if he appears on occasion.

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