Why Marisa Ramirez Gets Emotional Working with Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods

In the critically acclaimed cr1me drama Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck plays New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan. The sitcom, which focuses on his Irish-American Catholic family, has aired for eleven seasons. The cast includes Bridget Moynahan as Erin, Will Estes as Jamie, Len Cariou as Henry, and Donnie Wahlberg as Danny.

Marisa Ramirez, who joined the show in the third season, plays Detective Maria Baez, Danny’s partner. Most of Ramirez’s scenes are with Wahlberg, but she occasionally interacts with Selleck on set. Recently, Ramirez revealed in an interview that Selleck evokes an emotional reaction in her, explaining the specific reason behind this feeling.

Marisa Ramirez’s Grandmother Was An Avid Tom Selleck Admirer.

Marisa Ramirez, who joined Blue Bloods as Detective Maria Baez in 2013, recently shared a heartfelt anecdote about filming a pivotal sequence with Tom Selleck. The show is known for its Sunday family dinners, and Ramirez’s character was eventually included in one, marking a watershed moment for the entire primary cast, including Selleck.

In an interview with, Ramirez revealed that her grandmother, a huge fan of both Blue Bloods and Selleck, had passed away just two weeks before filming this scene. This made the experience especially emotional for Ramirez. She wanted to tell Selleck about her grandmother’s admiration but feared she would break down in tears. Despite this, she felt her grandmother’s presence, which brought her comfort and calm during the shoot. Reflecting on the moment, Ramirez said, “It almost made me feel more comfortable and calm… But again, the fact that she wasn’t going to be seeing that episode, it was touching a rough spot in my heart.”

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