NCIS L.A star Linda Hunt, Celebrates Her 79th Birthday – She Survived Teasing and Found Love with a Woman in ‘Jewel-Box Home’

Linda Hunt, the adored star of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” received love and adoration from fans all over the world on April 3, 2023, when she turned 79. Linda and her wife, Karen Klein, shared a heartfelt Facebook message commemorating the event.

Known for her iconic role as Hetty Lange, Linda’s talent has captivated audiences for decades. Despite facing challenges early in life due to learning disabilities and bullying, Linda’s parents supported her passion for acting, which eventually led her to stardom.

Linda suffered adversity while growing up in New Jersey and Connecticut, but she found refuge onstage. She fell in love with performing after her parents took her to attend a Broadway performance, which inspired her to defy norms and pursue her aspirations.

Throughout her career, Linda has defied odds and embraced her uniqueness, becoming a role model for many. Despite her struggles with hypopituitary dwarfism, Linda’s determination propelled her to success both on stage and screen.

Today, Linda celebrates not only her remarkable career but also the love she found with Karen Klein. As fans continue to send their heartfelt wishes, Linda’s story serves as a testament to resilience, strength, and the power of love to conquer all. Happy birthday, Linda Hunt!

Linda’s Wife: Who Is She, and How Did They Meet?

Karen Klein, the wife of actress Linda Raymond, piqued her interest during their first meeting due to her corduroys rather than her height. The couple married in 2008, with Klein being six years younger, necessitating Raymond’s playful forgiveness every day.

Despite Raymond’s reserved attitude, the couple loved their time together, with Raymond confessing to being confused about legal marriage due to California rules.

They have been together since 1987 and will celebrate 36 years in 2023. Raymond looked forward to retiring with Klein in their recently restored Los Angeles home, where they resided with their three dogs and revealed a surprise interior.

What Is the Couple’s “Jewel-Box Home” Like?

Linda and Klein’s 1919-built home is a unique blend of old and new, described as a “jewel-box” with antique accents and vibrant interiors. The exterior maintains a traditional Craftsman look, while the inside boasts modern touches like lavender walls and graphic wallcoverings.

To enhance the floor plan and bring in more light, a 200-square-foot sunroom was added. This alteration allowed for better flow between rooms, catering to the couple’s desire for free movement and space for their dogs and guests. Linda, an architect, made strategic changes like relocating the hallway and converting a bedroom into a multipurpose space.

The den features striking black-and-white cabinets, purple walls, and unique sunflower wallcoverings, reflecting Linda’s eclectic taste. A highlight is Linda’s collection of vintage New Yorker magazine covers adorning the en-suite bathroom.

The addition of sliding barn doors between the sunroom and kitchen adds versatility to the space, allowing for an indoor-outdoor feel. Linda often finds inspiration in the sunroom, where she practices lines and enjoys the view.

Overall, their home stands out in the neighborhood for its welcoming atmosphere, whimsical elegance, and thoughtful design choices.

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