Legacy of Mark Harmon on NCIS: His Co-Stars Share Their Thoughts

Mark Harmon played NCIS’ courageous leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, for almost 18 seasons, and even though he’s no longer on-screen – he’s still an exec producer – his legacy lives on.

We’ve compiled a list of what his co-stars have said about Harmon, who left the show four episodes into Season 19, throughout the years.

Weatherly, Michael – Tony DiNozzo

“[Harmon] is a really uncommon individual in this field since he doesn’t have an assistant or an entourage.

Mark is mostly a straightforward, friendly, calm, and assertive individual. He’s not one to pander to others.” (2009)

David McCallum – “Ducky” Mallard

“There was always a level of mayhem [during the series’ development], but it’s all gone now.” Mark was vital in getting our house in order, and I owe him a great debt of gratitude.” (2007)

Cote de Pablo – Ziva David

“We were continuously attempting to inject [scenes] with fresh elements, to do something unusual.” Mark has been here for years and continues to bring it.” (2019)

Pam Dawber (Marcie Warren – Mark’s actual wife)

“Mark wants the best for everyone and everything.” His ego isn’t that big. He just wants everything to work.” (2021)

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  1. There really is no answer to why Mark Harmon left the series. His wife claims he does not have a big ego, but then there is the story of Pauley Perrette. My gut feeling tells me something happened, let’s investigate!

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