Is There a Possibility of a Blue Bloods Spin-Off..?


Crafting police procedurals for CBS is a good option for TV creators looking for long-term success. “CSI,” “NCIS,” and “Blue Bloods” have been long-running network staples, with some even spawning franchises.

The success indicates a sustained viewer appetite for procedurals, and fans are hoping that “Blue Bloods” will follow a similar trajectory.

Starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, “Blue Bloods” in its 12th season follows the Reagan family balancing law enforcement careers with personal lives since 2010. With no signs of slowing down, fans wonder if characters will get spin-offs. Will this become a reality?

Blue Bloods Spin-Off is highly unlikely.

“NCIS,” “CSI,” “Law & Order,” and “Cr1minal Minds” are successful police procedural shows with lucrative spin-offs, like “Law & Order: SVU.” Yet, prospects for “Blue Bloods” taking a similar path seem unlikely.

Unlike shows like “CBS” and “NCIS,” which focus on specific law enforcement departments, “Blue Bloods” revolves around family, according to showrunner Kevin Wade.

Wade suggests that repurposing the formula for a spin-off may not capture the same essence, emphasizing the show’s unique identification with its main actors rather than the organizations for which they work.

However, a spin-off could occur after the main “Blue Bloods” series concludes. [If] someone has an idea to put a couple of the characters in a new situation, that would be fantastic, Wade said. But that is in the distant future.

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