Is Season 14 Really the End of Blue Bloods? Donnie Wahlberg Drops a Hint That Leaves Fans Guessing

Speculation about the future of CBS’ acclaimed show Blue Bloods continues as star Donnie Wahlberg suggests that the current season may not be the final. Originally scheduled for its final season, split into two parts, with the second planned to run in the fall, thoughts of extending the series are gathering traction.

Tom Selleck, who portrays NYPD commissioner Frank Reagan, expressed his reluctance to bid farewell to the show earlier this year, indicating his willingness to continue as long as possible.

Now, Wahlberg adds fuel to the fire, implying that Season 14 may not be the finale after all. Wahlberg mentions “rumblings” and “allegations,” alluding to current concerns over the show’s future.

Gregory Jbara, another Blue Bloods veteran, disclosed that there’s a push to extend the season into Spring 2025 to hit the milestone 300th episode. Selleck reportedly has some ideas up his sleeve, further fueling speculation about the show’s potential continuation.

With good audience ratings, Blue Bloods remains a top contender in its time slot, contributing to the likelihood of its longevity. As negotiations continue behind the scenes, fans impatiently await word from CBS on the fate of their beloved Friday night drama.

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