Is Pauley Perrette Returning to ‘NCIS’ After Mark Harmon’s Exit?

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During this week’s NCIS episode, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. After 18 years, “Gibbs” bid farewell to his coworkers and series star Mark Harmon. But could his departure pave the way for another NCIS star to make a comeback?

The NCIS team had been carrying on while “Gibbs” was suspended and worked alone for some time. But, this week, the tale came to an end when he solved a final case and chose to stay in Alaska rather than return to his previous position.

“Gibbs,” played by Mark Harmon, received a suitable send-off, with all of the agent’s pals able to tell him farewell after 18 years. Fans were saddened to see him go, but does his departure imply that one former NCIS star may return?

Mark Harmon Leaves NCIS; Will Pauley Perrette Return?

While Harmon’s departure is difficult to accept, one individual is likely to be fine with it: Pauley Perrette. She may conceivably return to NCIS now that Harmon is no longer on the show, considering he was the reason for her leave.

The two were an on-screen perfect team, but their real-life relationship was anything but happy.

Perrette quit NCIS in 2018 after nearly 15 years as forensic scientist “Abby Sciuto.” The reason for this remained unknown until she made significant charges against Harmon on Twitter in 2019.

She voiced her apprehension of Harmon and stated that she would never return to NCIS because of him. Her concerns stemmed from Harmon bringing canines to the site, as well as an alleged violent event. Several crew members are claimed to have been assaulted by the fighting dog breed.

Why Pauley Perrette’s return to NCIS may not happen

The “Abby” actress’s candor did little to repair the relationship. NCIS watchers lamented her departure at the time because she was a fan favorite. The 52-year-likely old’s comeback now that Harmon isn’t around would be a huge surprise.

However, it is unknown whether Pauley Perrette will return. For starters, she ended her acting career. She was last seen in the TV series Broke in 2020.

On the other hand, it’s not impossible that Mark Harmon will never appear on NCIS again.

Following the airing of this week’s episode, showrunner Steven Binder stated: “Regarding Gibbs’s future, as long-time fans of the program may have seen over the years… Never underestimate Leroy Jethro Gibbs.”

Harmon will also continue to produce the series. He’ll continue to be a part of the NCIS production in the future, which may hinder a return of “Abby.”

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