Is Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo Returning to NCIS..?

Michael Weatherly played fan favorite agent Tony DiNozzo in NCIS for 13 years before leaving the show in 2016. But what was the actor’s reason for leaving the drama, and will he be back anytime soon? Find out more here…

Michael revealed shortly after his departure was announced in 2016 that he had begun to consider leaving the show after his co-star and on-screen love interest Cote de Pablo, who played Ziva, left.

“Their great dynamic, the badinage and sparring and flirting between those two characters and how they would swing from siblings to near lovers and back to buddies,” he said of their two characters’ chemistry.

That was gone, and then I realized I’d stayed at the party for far too long.

He went on: “When I looked around the room, I noticed that everyone was in sync and having a good time. The show was a huge success, but I suddenly realized that there were probably other things I should be doing.

Then came the wanderlust. I made a documentary. I run my own production company. I also desired to spend time with my family.”

He then went on to star in the legal drama Bull, which aired for six seasons before being cancelled in May of this year.

Michael was a regular on the show for 13 years.

So, will Michael be reprising his NCIS role any time soon?

Executive producer Steven D. Binder provided an update on whether the actor would return to the drama at some point in September.

“Wouldn’t that be fantastic?” he said to TV Line. “When [Michael] left NCIS, he told me, ‘I’ll never do network television again.'”

“He’d just had some children, and the hours are so long… But then this Bull thing landed in his lap, and he started working like a fiend all over again. So, putting Tony DiNozzo aside for a moment, I believe Michael Weatherly is on vacation. I’ve known him for a while, and I believe he needs to relax and visit somewhere tropical. I haven’t asked him about it, but we’ve talked about it over the years, so that’s my guess.”

Bull, Michael’s other show, finished its season in May.

While Steven is pessimistic, Michael hasn’t explicitly stated that he will never return to the show.

Michael shared a TV Insider article in May that posed the question, “NCIS: Will Michael Weatherly Return for a Guest Spot With ‘Bull’ Ending?” He wrote in the tweet’s caption: “Tonight, at the end of @BullCBS, I’m reflecting on 22 years of television. It’s been a fantastic experience working with thousands of actors and hundreds of directors on Dark Angel and @NCIS CBS. I’m taking some time to reflect on everything. And, of course, the question: @tvinsider.”

We’re crossing our fingers, but it appears that fans will have to wait and see.

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  1. Please…. Dear Michael Weatherly A.k.A.
    Mr.Tony DiNozzo please consider sending back to NCIS your fans love and mine you antics and good humor and of course your handsome face. We all missed you when you left.

    One of Your many adoring fans

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