How Did Timothy McGee’s Sean Murray Lose So Much Weight in Season 8 of NCIS..?

Timothy McGee appeared remarkably different than he had in the previous season in the season 8 premiere, with no explanation.

Many people were surprised by Timothy McGee’s weight loss in NCIS season 8, prompting some to wonder if this physical change would be addressed in-universe. The most well-known character, played by Sean Murray, first appeared in the CBS drama in season 1, episode 7, “Sub Rosa,” and has since become one of the longest-serving members of the NCIS cast. However, in the first episode of Season 8, Timothy McGee looked noticeably different, and little was said about this change.

Timothy McGee began his NCIS career as Tony DiNozzo’s (Michael Weatherly) hapless sidekick, who made fun of Tim’s probationary (“probie”) status. Tim, an MIT graduate who is slightly sensitive but has a brilliant mind for computers, quickly became an important member of the NCIS team. His character provided some levity with his tentative relationship with his boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), while also competing for respect from his coworkers. Tim recently had the opportunity to demonstrate his leadership abilities following the departure of Special Agent Gibbs, who was later replaced by Alden Parker.

Timothy McGee’s character develops perfectly with each season, catapulting him to a well-respected NCIS senior special agent. But it’s his appearance, not his career, that has changed the most in McGee. McGee was noticeably slimmer at the start of NCIS season 8 in 2010. Aside from a remark about taking the stairs and avoiding doughnuts, not much was said about his physical transformation on-screen.

In real life, however, this shift occurred when actor Sean Murray made significant lifestyle changes in order to be healthier and lose weight, resulting in a 25-pound weight loss. Naturally, this explains why the change was not addressed in NCIS, as it appears to have been more of a personal choice made by the actor rather than done to develop the show’s character.

There are many mysteries in NCIS, such as how Gibbs gets his boats out of the basement. Sean Murray, on the other hand, put the mystery surrounding his weight loss to rest in a tweet to his followers. “To those who have asked what I did to lose the 25 pounds: 14 months of no alcohol and almost no sugar,” the NCIS actor said. “I only ate organic.” (Source: Twitter.) This diet worked wonders, so much so that some NCIS viewers were concerned Sean was ill. Many viewers praised Sean for his incredible transformation after he revealed that his weight loss was due to eating healthily.

Timothy McGee’s appearance has evolved yet again since NCIS season 14 — he has grown a goatee beard and evened out his weight, fully resembling a capable investigator. While McGee does not lead the NCIS team because he chose not to, he is the most senior field agent, aside from Parker. Timothy McGee is no longer just a nerd on the team; he’s earned his place at the head of the NCIS table — whatever he looks like.

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