Here Are 5 Quick Facts About Abby Sciuto on NCIS


Abby Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette, was one of the most well-known television program characters ever. Despite departing the program in Season 15, Abby undoubtedly had an impact on every member of NCIS during her tenure. Even if you’re a new watcher watching repeats on cable, you should know about her.

Here are five quick facts about the NCIS forensic scientist, cherished and remembered fondly by millions of viewers, ranging from her family dynamics to her top annoyances.

Embarking on the Journey:

Abby was born in New Orleans and given up for adoption by her biological parents. Abby’s adopted parents were deaf, so she studied ASL to speak with them. Gibbs also understands ASL, and the two have used it to communicate when necessary. Her parents also had a boy named Lucia Sciuto, with whom Abby could relate.

Previous Romances:

Abby had a casual relationship with McGee during Season 1. Though they stopped the relationship a short time after, they both were jealous when the other person spent time with the other sex.

Unusual Bed

Abby is a Goth, which means she enjoys wearing black, coloring her hair dark, wearing a dog collar, and having several tattoos. In reality, she sleeps inside a coffin, which shocked poor McGee!

The Biggest Pet Peeve

At one point, McGee discloses that Abby’s pet gripe is those who pretend to be vegetarians but nevertheless consume chicken. Her second major pet hate is when individuals mishandle evidence. Her coworkers did discover that bringing Abby her favorite drink, a Caf-Pow, could help things go smoothly.

On the Work

Abby was essentially Gibbs’ surrogate daughter, given his own daughter had been murd3red. They had a close bond and always looked out for each other. She never revealed that she discovered he murd3red Pedro Hernandez, the guy who had slain his wife and daughter.

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