Greg Gutfeld: This Is One of the Biggest Political Scams Ever

Greg Gutfeld mocked these hypothetical scenarios, calling them “BS” and criticizing media figures for their alarmist reactions. He pointed out the absurdity of believing a president could use Seal Team Six to eliminate political rivals and joked about the practicality of such actions.

Tyler Fisher, a comedian, approached the stage and hilariously compared Biden’s situation to numerous pop culture allusions, while financial expert Heather Zumarraga weighed in, calling the Supreme Court decision a big blow to Democrats and a win for Republicans. She dismissed fears of political assassination as ridiculous, emphasizing that Trump did not rule like a tyrant during his presidency.

Kat Timpf expressed confusion over the extreme reactions, noting that the decision did not explicitly define what constitutes “official acts” and argued that assassination is typically a clandestine operation. Tyrus suggested that the panic among media figures might be a diversion from Biden’s perceived unfitness for office, hinting that some insiders might eventually expose the truth.

In conclusion, Gutfeld observed that the excitement surrounding Trump frequently overshadows Biden’s flaws, producing a bizarre political scene in which reality appears crazier than fiction. As the era of political hoaxes and media manipulation draws to an end, there is hope for a return to governance based on competence rather than deception.

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