A Former Blue Bloods Star Praises the Show’s End: “Here’s Why It’s A Good Idea”

The long-running CBS procedural Blue Bloods, centered on the Reagan family, is ending in 2024. While many fans and cast members are unhappy with the decision, former star Jennifer Esposito believes it’s the right move. Esposito, who left the show in Season 3, shared her thoughts in a recent interview with Screenrant.

Tom Selleck disagrees with Esposito, claiming that CBS made a poor decision in terminating the series. However, Esposito, who has had both positive and negative experiences on the show, believes it’s a wise idea to end it now. “I had some good times, as well as some bad ones. But I love Donnie, I met some wonderful people there, and the fans continue to warm my heart.”

Esposito’s exit from the show in Season 3 was marked by controversy. She and CBS had different views on her need for a limited filming schedule due to health concerns, leading to a parting of ways that Esposito called “shameful.” Despite this, she returned to the show in 2023, reprising her role as Jackie Curatola, now a small-town police chief.

Esposito’s health has improved substantially since being diagnosed with celiac disease, which has changed her view on life. “Understanding how deeply ill I was with celiac disease changed my entire world.”

Since leaving Blue Bloods, Esposito has appeared in notable roles on NCIS, Mistresses, The Boys, and Law & Order: SVU. She is now set to make her directorial debut with Fresh Kills, premiering on June 14th, 2024.

As Blue Bloods finishes, CBS teases future spinoffs or reboots, leaving fans yearning for more information.

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