Fans of ‘NCIS’ know who they want to lead the team in ‘Sydney,’ and it isn’t Mark Harmon

NCIS is expanding the long-running franchise once more, but this time it’s going global. NCIS: Sydney is in development for Paramount+ Australia, according to ViacomCBS. The announcement immediately sparked discussion among fans about who they’d like to see lead the new team — and it’s not Mark Harmon.

The new ‘NCIS’ spinoff will be filmed in Australia.

At their recent Investor’s Day event, ViacomCBS (now known as Paramount Global) announced the NCIS: Australia spinoff. Instead of airing on CBS, the show is being developed for Paramount+ Australia and Network 10 in Australia.

NCIS: Australia will be available to American audiences, according to TVLine. Because the series has the potential to be broadcast on other Paramount+ platforms around the world.

NCIS: Sydney will reportedly feature local stories with Australian actors and producers, and will be shot on location in the picturesque harbor city. Shane Brennan, the creator of NCIS: Los Angeles and an Australian, is attached to the project.

Fans have already decided who they want to lead the new Sydney team.

NCIS: Sydney will be the franchise’s fourth spinoff, following NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii, and the now-cancelled NCIS: New Orleans. Fans took to social media to discuss the latest expansion after hearing the news.

One Reddit user stated unequivocally who they’d like to see lead the new NCIS: Sydney team: Michael Weatherly’s Agent Tony DiNozzo. Another said they’d like to see a return visit from the beloved character who left the flagship series in 2016.

“Will Special Agent Tony Dinozzo pay a visit down under?” wondered the fan.

Michael Weatherly has repeatedly hinted at his return to ‘NCIS’ over the years.

Weatherly has teased fans on social media about a possible return to NCIS since leaving after 13 seasons to star in the series Bull.

Weatherly sent out a typical tweet in September 2021, when he shared a photo of himself and Cote de Pablo (Ziva David). “Let’s just say… they ended up in Paris,” he wrote. “Does anyone believe that’s a possibility?”

Weatherly posted a selfie in December with the caption, “This guy woke me up this morning.” Then I realized it had all been a dream. He couldn’t get Gibbs off his mind. As well as his shoulder holster. “The #ncis dream.”

Now that CBS has canceled Bull after six seasons, there is widespread speculation that Weatherly will return to the NCIS universe.

Are fans losing interest in the franchise as a result of Mark Harmon’s departure?

Despite the departure of Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs in episode four, NCIS remains television’s most-watched drama in season 19. However, some fans believe that the announcement of NCIS: Sydney means that the focus is shifting away from the flagship series and toward spinoffs and streaming.

“I’m not sure what I think about it. “I live in Australia and believe we have some amazing actors and actresses, but I’m not sure how it will all come together,” one skeptical fan wrote. “I kind of wish they’d spend the time and money to fix the original series, which appears to have slipped a little.”

“I’m sorry, but this doesn’t interest me at all,” said another. I don’t have Paramount+, so…”

Is ‘NCIS’ nearing its conclusion?

Following the announcement of NCIS: Sydney, some ardent fans expressed concern that the franchise is spreading itself too thin. Some speculated that the latest spinoff might be a sign that the flagship series is “nearing the end.”

“How many NCIS shows are too many?” one Reddit user wondered. “Original is coming to an end, as is NCIS LA.” NCIS Hawaii is entertaining, but who knows if it will return?”

NCIS airs new episodes on Mondays on CBS. In 2023, NCIS: Sydney will premiere on Paramount+ Australia.

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